Sock Of The Month Club Review: How This Sock Subscription Has Kept My Feet Warm All Winter


One of the best things about being in the business of reviewing products and services is that I get to try out so many different things. Last year, I received one of the coolest subscriptions – the sock of the month Club. And today, I’m here to share my review of the club so you can see if this subscription might be right for you. Let’s get started!


Why I started my own sock subscription service

I started my own sock subscription service because I didn't want to buy my boyfriend the same socks he's been getting for years. I wanted to get him something that I knew he would love but couldn't find it in stores. So, I started a sock of the month club and now we are both happy with our socks. It's an affordable gift that keeps giving!


The monthly socks I received this month

I loved the variety of socks I received this month, but it was too cold to wear them outside. I'll have to wait until spring when they're appropriate for going outside. They were perfect for just lounging around the house and being cozy in my slippers.
The mens purple ankle socks are nice because they match with almost everything in my wardrobe, but then again so do all the other colors I received.
I love fun men's socks because they add a little fun to my outfit that can sometimes seem bland and boring. Plus, it's a good way of breaking up patterns if you don't want everyone who sees you know what clothes you're wearing.


What to look for when signing up with a sock subscription service

When you sign up for a sock of the month club, make sure that the company sends you colorful socks in your size. You want to receive different colors and patterns so that your feet will never get bored. Also, make sure that the company sends you high quality socks made from materials such as cotton or wool because these are much more comfortable than synthetic alternatives. Lastly, be aware of what type of subscription plan is offered and if there are any hidden costs.


Try out different sock brands

I have tried out four different sock brands so far with the sock of the month club. I think that these socks are a great gift idea for your men in your life and they will be able to wear them all winter long. There is a great variety of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. These socks will keep their feet warm and help make their day more fun!


Why you need to start your own sock subscription service right now!

I've been looking for a sock subscription service that would provide me with the socks I love and I found it! I'm reviewing the Best sock of the month Club. They have an amazing selection of cool mens socks and fun dress socks, as well as crazy color dress socks and fun ankle socks. Plus, they have all different styles from crew socks to colorful ankle socks. It's also a lot more affordable than most other companies that offer something similar.
There are so many reasons why this is the best sock subscription service around! If you're looking for a gift for someone or just want some new colorful mens or womens dress or casual socks then I would highly recommend this company!