Sock of the Month Club Review

sock of the month Club Review

I’ve been putting off writing this review of the sock of the month Club (Sock Club) because it was such an awesome experience, I didn’t want to share it with everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have had this experience all to myself, but I decided that if there are other people out there who really like socks as much as I do, I can’t keep it to myself any longer!

What is a sock subscription service?

A sock subscription service is a monthly box that includes cool socks. Sock subscriptions are a great way to get fun and unique socks without having to make an arduous trip to a store. Many subscription services also allow you to add other accessories, such as t-shirts or ties, so that you can complete your new look. It’s important to note that many sock subscriptions also come with a free gift each month, giving users even more reason to subscribe. Sock Subscription Reviews will help you find out which sock subscription is right for you! Check out their reviews today!

How does it work?

A sock subscription program is a monthly subscription where you receive a package of socks in different styles, sizes and colors on a monthly basis. Subscription packages usually have to be paid for on an annual basis, but some do charge per month. Some companies that offer subscriptions give you options for what style and size you would like your socks to be. The sock of the month Club sends three pairs of cool socks from different brands each month without any added cost or shipping fees. Customers also can decide if they want their socks to come in male, female or unisex styles in small, medium or large sized feet.

What are some cool socks?

Some cool socks are plain socks, crazy socks, funny socks, and even invisible socks. Plain socks come in many colors and patterns. There are so many styles to choose from. Cool patterned sock subscription websites offer cool fashionable pair of plain colored or patterned men’s or women’s sock delivered monthly. Funny cool socks look silly and make you laugh out loud. They are so fun to wear around town with friends. Invisible no show no show sock subscriptions keep your feet warm and dry with thin lightweight low cut thin soles for those times when you don’t want your socks seen especially with dress shoes like wingtips loafers slip on sneakers as well as boots hidden from site but perfect for wearing in any weather .

How much does it cost?

sock of the month Club has a number of different plan levels based on your sock preferences and budget. They have 4 main plans starting at $10 a month for 1 pair of socks, all the way up to $25 a month for 6 pairs of socks. For our review we will be using their $15 a month subscription that provides you with 2 pairs every other month. That plan costs you about $13 per pair when compared to buying them individually so it’s a great deal! Shipping is included in all plans and international shipping is available in their highest tier plan which includes free shipping!

What do I get?

If you sign up for sock of the month, your gift will include 3 pairs of themed socks each month. Not only that, but there’s a sock of the month club review discount if you’re quick enough! Right now, you can get $10 off your first shipment when you use promo code: FIRSTBOX. Just click here to get started!*Be sure to select which sock type best suits your lifestyle (athletic or dress socks) so you don’t get a surprise you don’t like!

Is it worth it?

The sock of the month club is a new concept that has taken off over time. Basically, you subscribe to their monthly service and receive fresh socks sent directly to your door each month. The companies that provide these services offer a wide range of sock brands, designs, and styles so they are sure to have something for everybody. However, most companies do have their own niche in what kind of socks they prefer to send out. These clubs allow customers to try out many different types of socks from many different brands at one time and see what works best for them so they don’t need to spend a fortune on individual pairs as often.