Sock of the Month Club Review

sock of the month Club Review

sock of the month Club bills itself as the best socks in the world, and that’s not just marketing hype – it’s actually true! I received my first pair of sock of the month Club socks just two days after signing up, and they really were unlike any socks I had ever owned before. Whether you wear dress socks to work every day or you don’t have any socks at all, you should give sock of the month Club a try!

How it works

sock of the month Club is a service that sends you quality socks each month. They have a nice selection and customer service is good. They're our favorite sock subscription provider. The business has an excellent reputation and seems to care about their customers, so it’s definitely worth checking out. You can also check out their 'About Us' page if you want to know more. I think we’ve made our point though! If you like getting cool socks, you should sign up!

The cost

sock of the month is $12.00 per month, which includes shipping. You get one pair of cool socks in every shipment with a cute little note.

Why you should start your own sock of the month club

If you love wearing cool socks or want to start your own sock subscription club for Christmas gifts, then read on. I review and explain some of my favorite sock subscriptions. Below is a list of companies that offer sock of the month clubs. If you have any experience with these companies please feel free to leave comments below!