Sock of the Month Club Review

sock of the month Club Review

The sock of the month club is one of the newest sock subscription services out there, but it’s already making waves in the field thanks to its high-quality socks and affordable membership fee of $12 per month. This review will take you through the different kinds of socks offered by the sock of the month Club, as well as what kind of benefits come with this club’s membership and whether or not it’s worth signing up for it in the first place.

The Pros

When you join a sock-of-the-month club, you’re given some very attractive benefits. The colors are vibrant and bright; they go well with most outfits and offer styles for every season and occasion. Plus, it’s fun to get a new pair of socks in your mailbox every month! And you get to take advantage of some great discounts for referring your friends. As one final benefit, you never have to run out of clean socks again; as soon as a pair gets worn out, you’ll have another brand new pair waiting in your mailbox. No trips to Target or running to Walmart—when it comes time for more socks, someone else will do all that work for you!

The Cons

sock of the month Club definitely wins points for convenience, but some subscribers will be turned off by their frequent deviations from social norms. If you don’t like surprises or sending/receiving gifts during special occasions, sock of the month Club is not for you. Also, while it might seem exciting to have a new pair of socks show up at your door every month, they likely won’t live up to your expectations. The socks are usually less than $10 each (which many people say is worth it), but reviews consistently pan their quality as well as variety in color and pattern. Finally, if you want to cancel your subscription, good luck: many reviewers cite difficulty with customer service and complain that getting your money back is nearly impossible.

The Final Verdict

The sock of the month Club is your one-stop destination for colorful socks. You can choose whether you want one pair or two pairs a month for three, six, or twelve months. Each shipment includes four pairs of socks in fun and unexpected patterns and colors. Although it’s not exactly cheap (even when you sign up for multiple months), it’s a unique gift that any guy will appreciate.