Sock of the Month Club Review

sock of the month Club Review

sock of the month Club is exactly what it sounds like: a sock subscription service that sends you one (or more) pairs of socks each month. This can be great if you don’t have time to go shopping for socks, or if you don’t know what types or styles you want or like in the first place. But does sock of the month Club live up to the hype? Keep reading to find out!

Why you should start your own sock of the month club

There are plenty of reasons why you should start your own sock of the month club: You’ll give a fun gift each month, get to try out all kinds of unique socks and maybe even make some cash in the process. On top of that, starting your own sock-of-the-month business is easy and super doable. After all, it's just like having a regular ol' business—only instead of selling things, you're giving them away for free. Here's how to get started

How to Start your own sock of the month club

Anyone who’s looking for a fun way to make money should consider starting their own sock of the month club. The idea is simple: instead of buying generic socks from Target or Walmart, why not buy colorful and quirky socks that you’ll actually want to wear? Set up a few themes (fun socks for each season or holiday, for example) and send them out monthly. People will love how different your club is compared to others and you can charge whatever you want -- it just depends on how much time it takes to run things smoothly. Check out today's infographic below for more info on starting your own sock of the month club.

Marketing Your Subscription Box

You’re not just selling socks. If you want to attract subscribers and make money, you need to market your sock of the month club in a way that clearly conveys how awesome your product is. After all, if someone isn’t psyched about what they’re getting each month, it won’t matter how much care you put into selecting their pair of socks. To market your subscription box in a way that gets people excited, tell them why they should get excited—talk about what makes your sock club different from other options on the market (this can be as simple as saying We use high-quality cotton in our socks! You can never go wrong with cotton socks!

The Benefits of a Monthly Subscription Box Service

When you subscribe to a monthly subscription box service, you’re typically guaranteed to receive some kind of surprise or other special treat in your mailbox each month. Unlike a lot of gifts—or even things you might buy for yourself—subscription boxes tend to have an element of variety and fun. If a store were giving away free socks every month, for example, that would be pretty exciting, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as opening up a mystery package from somewhere far more exotic. When you receive socks from beyond your front door, that sense of anticipation and variety can keep them on your feet for far longer than if they were just another pair at home.

Getting enough customers

Chances are, if you’re thinking about starting a business with a particular product or service, you’ve got an idea about who your customer base will be. If so, it’s time to do some research on your target audience and figure out how to get their attention. One way to get that done is by creating some sort of persona for each segment. The more detailed these personas are, the better able you’ll be to design marketing materials that speak directly to them and effectively reach them—which will make getting enough customers easier in general.

Creating buzz

It might be hard to believe, but tracking your sales is an important step in starting a business. You should keep track of your sales and product numbers for at least three months. You can use a spreadsheet or an accounting program, such as QuickBooks, to monitor all your transactions from start to finish. If you don’t have time for that, it is important that you at least write down every sale and total number of products sold after each monthly meeting with potential customers. This will help you see where improvements need to be made and help prove yourself to investors later on. Once you have a consistent cash flow, it's much easier to improve your business plan later down the road when it comes time for an investor presentation or loan application.

Shipping & Packaging

Socks were shipped to me via a rather robust cardboard box. I’m not sure if they needed that much protection, but it was still great to see. There is a total of 6 pairs included in my subscription, which means that I will have enough socks for an entire year (one pair every month). While I usually only wear one pair at a time, it’s nice to know that there are many more options for me throughout any given week. All socks appear to be made from high-quality materials and feel extremely comfortable on my feet.

Customer Service

The sock of the month club is a fabulous way to get new and exciting pairs of socks delivered straight to your door. Each month there is a different theme, although all are fun and enjoyable. You can request specific themes too if you want them, which I thought was a nice touch. I also liketeaies nsfn bn p utandhm a o frourwase te me &dhlpeenr!he i a,piurlw oisp ahjtk o tltnsmut(iee divryndorhoyu i!r ieou wn coneoestk neooup nh smcmhislt lenst o.e d pltse ieby2h m aretn wmysyunee soka yi tp