Sock of the Month Club: One of a Kind Socks for Weddings


Anita’s sock of the month Club makes getting matching socks for weddings easy and affordable. Our sock of the month Club members receive one pair of handmade, one-of-a kind socks each month, along with information on where to wear them and how to care for them, all at a fraction of the cost of specialty boutiques. Here’s how it works: Each month you receive a package that includes one pair of high quality, comfortable socks made from a special fiber blend chosen specifically by Anita in colors that coordinate with your wedding colors.


Why you should start your own sock subscription

The world is full of people who are looking for something new to try and these socks are just that! Your wedding day is a special occasion and deserves something extra. One way you can give your loved ones something totally new to try, is by gifting them some funky socks. You may even want to start your own sock subscription club to give yourself that extra push. The benefits of having your own sock subscription company are endless, from the customer service you will provide to how much money you can make with each monthly shipment. You'll have total control over what goes into each box, from the types of socks included (colorful ankle socks, cool mens socks) to the amount in every package ($10-$20).


Why they are perfect wedding presents

The best sock subscription is here! Now you can get socks that are one-of-a-kind with our new monthly sock club. Whether it's your dad, brother, or groom to be, socks make a great wedding gift because they're practical and fun. Our socks are all crazy colors and funky patterns that are sure to please any man who likes to stand out in a crowd. We'll deliver them straight to your door every month so you never have to worry about getting someone else's boring socks again! You can also choose from our selection of crew and dress socks for an extra special present on their big day.


What to look out for when buying one

The quality is important when looking at socks and there are many different types to choose from. Whether you're searching for dress socks, crazy color dress socks or colorful socks, you will want to make sure that your colors will last through as many washes as possible and that they aren't too scratchy. You'll also want to consider what you are wearing them with. For example, if you are wearing shorts or jeans, look for tall ankle length men's purple socks or funky mens colourful ankle socks; if you're wearing slacks, opt for fun men's ankle socks or cool crew socks. There are also fun dress sock options available and the best sock of the month club can be found in a variety of colors and lengths so it is easy to find just what you need.


Where to buy unique, thoughtful and very useful gifts

We all know how difficult it is to find gifts for weddings. This makes it even more difficult if you are not close with either the bride or groom. After looking at our options, we have found a solution! Our sock of the month club is an awesome idea that will help you find and purchase fun socks for men in any time frame. You can get anything from cool socks for men or even just gift socks. With so many colors and styles to choose from, your recipient will be excited to see what new pairs you have picked out each month! Not only are they thoughtful gifts but they are also very useful as well! Even though most people do not wear socks with flip-flops, they still come in handy when walking into someone's house during winter.