Sock of the Month Club Making a Comeback


A lot of people tend to hoard clothing, but socks seem to be the most common victim of this habit, as evidenced by the popularity of sock-of-the-month clubs in the early 2000s, which were all the rage until they went out of style. A lot of people have asked if this trend will make a comeback, and now that it’s nearly 2018, the answer seems to be yes! Here are some reasons why you might want to consider starting your own sock of the month club.


How it started

The sock of the month club was originally started in 2010 by two friends, Brian and Adam. They created an idea for a sock subscription service that would allow men to receive fun, high-quality socks on a monthly basis. Inspired by their love of socks and creative designs, they set out to create not just any sock club but one that was specifically designed for guys who like colorful fun socks!
It all began when they had been working at their desk jobs on Wall Street. They were always looking for ways to have more fun and be more creative with what they do during work.


Why you should get one

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5 Best sock of the month Clubs

The sock of the month Club is making a comeback and with good reason. All sorts of people are starting to love socks again, especially men. These fun socks for men come in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns and with so many options to choose from it's easy to find the perfect pair for any guy. Best of all, these colorful ankle socks are designed by real fashion designers just for you!
The sock subscription box company is really taking off thanks to their fun mens socks that come in all different styles and colors. From bright purple knee highs or classic navy blue dress socks, there's something for everyone in this awesome sock club. And with every new shipment they'll send out four pairs at once - so you'll always have enough!