Sock of the Month Club Is Making a Comeback

sock of the month Club Is Making a Comeback

If you’re looking to sign up for something fun and affordable in 2018, consider the sock of the month club. It’s making a comeback now that custom socks are more popular than ever. There are plenty of reasons to join this fun club, but here are just three of the best benefits of signing up for this unique subscription service in 2018.

History of Sock Subscription Boxes

Sock subscription boxes have been around for years, but fell out of fashion as more creative gift ideas entered into vogue. At one point in time, sock subscription services were some of the most common and popular gifts. The concept was simple: A new pair would arrive each month along with a gift note from your loved one. But these socks eventually lost their popularity and were no longer considered appropriate gifts by anyone. However, with shoe-of-the-month clubs bringing back so much joy to those that received them, it only makes sense that sock-of-the-month clubs will follow suit—and they are! Now is definitely a great time to get on board with these exciting subscriptions!

How Does it Work?

The first step to getting your very own sock of the month club is to find an online retailer that offers them. You can buy socks from retailers like Polished (who are famous for their monthly subscriptions) or you can search for individual companies who sell quality socks. Once you've found someone who sells socks, it's time to decide on what type and size socks you'd like each month. If you're into bright colors and unique designs, opt for a colorful pair; if quality is more important than appearance, invest in high-quality cotton socks made with renewable energy sources.

Benefits of a Monthly Subscription

Many sock companies are starting to create sock of the month Clubs, which have many benefits. A sock club is convenient because you can have new socks delivered to your door every month. You will never be caught without a fresh pair when it is time for that once-in-the-month clean out. When you receive an exciting package from your sock club each month, it adds an element of surprise and fun to what would otherwise be ordinary errands. The different brands that provide socks through subscription clubs bring their own unique style and flair, which makes it exciting to get new pairs every month. After getting several great pairs from your monthly subscription, you may find that one brand becomes your go-to for all future socks purchases because they offer just what you need or want in socks.

Best Sellers & Reviews

The sock of the month Club (or The S.O.T.M.C. as we like to call it) is starting to make a comeback—and we’re not just talking about your grandma’s afghans and cassette tapes! Sure, you could make socks for your friends for Christmas, but that wouldn’t be nearly as fun or personal as receiving them in your mailbox every month from someone who really cares about you! We decided to give it a try and spent some time looking into which sock subscriptions are best suited for gifting. Here are our findings

Reasons for Keeping your Own Pair

Personalized socks have been growing in popularity over recent years and they’re now as fashionable as they are fun. Not only can you choose your own designs, but you can also use them to show off different parts of your personality and tastes. Whether you want something funky or elegant, there are plenty of sock companies who will gladly take your order. As well as giving you another excuse to dress up in your underwear, owning a pair is also likely to boost both productivity and concentration levels. This is because wearing cute socks means that people won’t be able to see how bad your shoes are; therefore making it easy for them to concentrate on their work for extended periods.

FAQs about Monthly Men's Subscriptions

What are they? Who's using them? How much do they cost? What's in it for me and my business? Let's answer all these questions and more, as we explore monthly subscription boxes. Today's post will be about socks, but we'll be talking about other monthly men's subscriptions too, so stay tuned!