Sock of the Month Club Is Making a Comeback

sock of the month Club Is Making a Comeback

Gone are the days of receiving socks from grandma during the holidays and birthdays, which you would dutifully wear once before storing them away for the next year. Sock subscriptions have become all the rage, whether it’s one pair per month or more! Take this Philosockphy sock of the month Club subscription for example, where members can choose to receive two pairs of socks each month, delivered right to their doorsteps every 30 days, with no shipping fees and free exchanges if they don’t fit just right. The club even offers a discount if you purchase 3 or 6 months at once!

What happened to the sock of the month club?

The sock of the month club was very popular around 1999 when people were still enamored with getting mail and socks. People who participated in sock clubs were more prone to get more subscriptions from companies to things like razors or eggs. These subscription services paved way for companies to offer great deals as opposed to one off purchases for small amounts of money. This is also responsible for how companies offer free shipping and returns now since customers need some kind of incentive to make their first purchase. The cost of these subscriptions can vary from company to company, but it’s not unusual for a person paying $20-30 per month for three months in order to try out a variety of socks. It’s clear that sock subscriptions are making a comeback, but with why?

What is a sock subscription service?

So why is it making a comeback? According to an article by Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, This is all about high-touch, high-quality product that inspires people. So basically, sock of the month Clubs are trying to take things back to simpler times and hopefully inspire us to appreciate quality over quantity when it comes to our socks. At Philosockphy we're trying to do something similar by making socks that are subtle yet still catch someone's eye. Our socks aren't going to blow your mind with crazy colors and extreme patterns but they're guaranteed to keep you feet warm and comfy while doing so!

How do you choose from all these sock subscription services?

The problem with most sock subscriptions is that it can be very difficult to find socks that fit. Some socks companies choose to provide users with mostly anklet and knee-high options (which also provide more protection for your feet) which are typically shorter and don’t fit properly on lower calf lengths, or you can be forced to purchase 4 or 5 pair of tall socks that cover your entire calf, creating unnecessary bulk. Philosockphy allows you to subscribe to socks without any qualms; they'll send you 6 pair each month ranging from ankle length all the way up to thigh high and knee-highs.

How did Philosockphy come up with their sock designs?

If you want to put yourself out there and start your own sock business, you need to come up with a killer design. The first step in starting your own sock company is to come up with some cool designs, said Steve Hauter, founder of Philosockphy. We brainstormed for about six months before we came up with our core designs. You don't have to take six months, but figuring out your strategy will help make sure that you're not wasting time on anything that doesn't help grow your brand.

In Conclusion...

Overall, socks are making a comeback. Like vinyl records and Buddy Holly glasses, they've been considered old-fashioned for years. But now that comfort is more in vogue than it's ever been before, we're finding that almost all of us could use an upgrade on our sock situation. And you know what? We're not afraid to admit it! It's time for you to join in on the fun and do something about your own personal sock crisis. Enter... The sock of the month Club! Let me explain how it works...