Sock of the Month Club: How to match your socks with a tie

sock of the month Club: How to match your socks with a tie

sock of the month clubs are one of the best gifts you can give a guy who has everything or just about nothing if he’s moving into his first apartment or dorm room and doesn’t know how to dress himself properly yet. If he doesn’t have any idea what goes with his suits, ties, or work shirts then you might want to get him a sock of the month club like The sock of the month Club . They send a brand new pair of socks right to his door every month and help him start building up an impressive sock collection that will last him years.


Matching ties and socks is easy

If you're looking for some guidance, here's our top three socks that work well with different ties -
Black Tie - Check out our Dress Socks in Black or Navy Blue; these colors are perfect for formal events and will match almost any tie.
Fashionable - Our crazy color dress socks come in tons of fun and colorful options like Yellow, Purple and Pink; this is perfect for an event where you want to add some flair without being too flashy.


But how do you know which colors go together?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out what color ties and socks go together. But don't worry, our sock experts have put together some guidelines for matching different colors. And if you're still not sure which colors go together, you can check out our sock subscription service where we send you two pairs of monthly socks (in coordinating colors) - one dress pair and one casual pair.


Color Complementary

Do you want some cool socks? Well, look no further than mens colorful ankle socks. These fun and funky designs are sure to make you happy on any given day. What's more, they're designed in such a way that they complement any outfit, whether it be formal or casual. If you're looking for fun men's ankle sock designs, then this is the place for you! We have cool and colorful styles that are perfect for an everyday wear or even when dressing up for a special occasion. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself today!


Complimentary Colors

When it comes to matching socks, there are two rules that you should always follow. First, make sure the color of your tie is complementary to both colors in your sock. Second, make sure the stripes on your sock are complimentary to those on your tie. When all these things work together you'll be dressed in style and confidence.


Contrasting Colors

The most popular colors for men's dress socks are brown and black. But if you want to make some waves, try picking up some red, blue or green dress socks. When it comes to matching your dress sock color with a tie, think about what colors are in that tie pattern and use those colors as your guide. For example, if you have a red and green plaid patterned tie, try wearing dark green or black dress socks. If you have a blue striped tie, try wearing navy blue or dark brown dress socks.


Neutral Colors

Matching your socks and ties doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it can be as easy as matching one neutral color. These colors work well together because they all have some hue of gray, brown, or purple in them. The key is using different shades in order to create contrast and avoid being boring. One way you can achieve this is by using light brown hues for the ties and dark brown hues for the socks. This method will allow you to combine different patterns and textures without having it clash together too much.


Opposing Colors

Purple is one of the colors that matches best with navy blue and eggplant purple. One way to wear this color combo is by wearing a light-colored shirt and dark pants, then pairing them up with some purple socks. For example, you could wear an olive green shirt and black dress pants, then pair them up with navy blue socks and some eggplant purple ankle-length socks.
Purple is also one of the colors that matches best with brown colors such as tan, chocolate browns and beige. One way to wear this color combo is by wearing a tan shirt and khaki pants, then pairing them up with some purple crew length socks or knee-high purple crew length socks.


Tints, Shades and Tones

There are three tints, shades and tones of purple. The first is lighter purple which has more pink in it. The next is medium or lavender which has some gray mixed in it. And then there's darker purple that has more blue mixed in it. My personal favorite is dark purple because I think it's the most elegant.
Purple can be worn with any color or pattern so you're not limited on what you can wear! I always choose navy as my go-to suit color but if you want something different, try pairing light purple with black and white stripes or medium purple with plaid! There are no rules when it comes to matching colors and patterns, so get creative and have fun trying out new combinations!


Study Color Wheel Theory To Match Any Tie With Any Socks

The color wheel is an important tool when it comes to matching up clothes. By focusing on opposites and complements, you can create an outfit that is pleasing to the eye. When choosing between two colors, choose one that has three primary colors in its spectrum (primary colors are red, blue and yellow) and another from opposite side of the color wheel.
The basic rule for mens dress sock outfits is always use black or brown with any other color. Mens ankle socks will work with any color so long as they are not too dark or too light. If you are really into matching your outfits, you can purchase crew socks in addition to dress and ankle socks. Crews come in many different vibrant colors which make them perfect for adding some pizzazz!