Sock Of The Month Club: How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Socks For You


Around this time last year, if you’d told me I’d be paying over $100 a month to wear high-quality, brand-name socks all day, every day, I would have thought you were crazy. What you really are paying for with this sock of the month club though, isn’t just the socks themselves but also the convenience and satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re wearing some of the best socks in the world every day. If this sounds good to you, here’s how to find the perfect pair of socks for your own needs.


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With so many socks out there, finding the perfect pair can be a challenge. Luckily, we've compiled a list of 5 tips to help you find your new favorite sock. First, consider what you're looking for in a sock. Do you want ankle socks? Dress socks? colorful socks or plain ones? Next, think about how often you wear them and for what purpose. Are they for work or play? Once you've answered these questions, you'll be able to narrow down the selection and find your perfect match!


Consider your style

The sock of the month club is a monthly subscription that sends you an awesome pair of socks. It's like having an accessory delivered to your door every month! If you're not sure what style and color suits you best, don't fret, we got your back. Here are five tips to help find the perfect pair of socks for your needs.
1) What color are my eyes?
2) What colors do I usually wear? 3) How much money am I willing to spend on this sock subscription? 4) What type of socks do I want? (ankle, dress, crew or crazy colors)? 5) Do I have any allergies or sensitivities?


Set a budget

This is a big one. If you're not sure how much money you can afford to spend on socks, it's best to start small and build up your sock wardrobe as time goes on. We have a range of sock subscriptions to suit all budgets, and there's something for everyone no matter what your budget is. Pick your starting price here!


Try before you buy

Comfort is the most important factor when choosing socks. Your feet and toes can swell, so it's a good idea to go up a size. If you have wide feet, try on two different styles of socks to find the best fit. Cotton is typically more comfortable than wool or polyester because it's softer and better at wicking moisture away from your skin. When shopping for cool socks for men, look for those made with cotton or silk instead of polyester.


Don’t forget about comfort

It's also important to remember comfort when choosing your socks. Make sure you try on a variety of styles and brands until you find the perfect pair for you. If you plan to wear them for long periods of time, it's best to avoid wool or cotton as these materials can lead to excessive sweating and odour. Instead, try wool blends or synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester for their better moisture management.