Sock of the Month Club for a Unique Gift

sock of the month Club for a Unique Gift

A sock of the month club might sound like a silly gift idea, but when you’re looking for a wedding gift or birthday present, it can be difficult to find something original and useful that isn’t just another toaster. Enter the sock of the month club, where your friend or family member will receive up to 3 pairs of unique and colorful socks delivered right to their doorstep every month! They’ll have something to wear with any outfit, and they can look forward to their next pair showing up on their doorstep! Best of all, they can even choose the type of socks they want every month!

The concept behind it

Most weddings revolve around traditions, but there’s always room to bend and shake things up. One way to make a memorable mark on your special day is by including an unexpected gift that isn’t part of tradition—for example, wedding socks! A sock subscription service sends new pairs of unique socks every month so you can update your wedding photos with cool socks. This gift is especially memorable when it's personalized with both newlyweds' names and wedding date (it looks great in photos, too). It's also perfect for bridesmaids: You can give them the gift of cool socks in fun colors to wear on your big day.

Buy a sock of the month club subscription

An awesome gift idea for your favorite person or couple is a sock of the month club subscription. It's unique, it's memorable, and it will surely be appreciated. There are many companies that offer sock subscriptions - from major retail companies like J Crew to specialty sock clubs only available online. If you're buying socks as gifts, do some research and make sure you pick out something they'll really enjoy. Your recipient will have fun opening each package during delivery. Think about their hobbies or interests when shopping - there are lots of different kinds of socks so it shouldn't be hard to find something nice!

Some best sock of the month club ideas

Some people enjoy unique socks. Perhaps they want to wear them while they’re hiking, or gardening, or even working in an office. And let’s face it, with so many options out there today it’s hard to get a pair that you really like. But what if there was a subscription box for cool socks? Sock subscriptions are one of our favorites because you can never have too many. For men, women and children these gifts are great any time of year and can be paired with other things such as food boxes or grooming kits . You might find some people who think socks are an inappropriate gift but we disagree! The important thing is that you think about your recipient (in other words know their style) and choose something you think will be appreciated.

Top quality socks subscriptions

Personalized, affordable sock-of-the-month clubs. Men, women, and kids' socks subscriptions. Perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christmas presents, Valentine's Day gifts and stocking stuffers! Choose from hundreds of unique designs. Surprise them with cool socks - gift them a monthly subscription box filled with one pair of high quality socks each month. They'll love it! We're so sure you'll love our cool socks you can buy a few pairs to try it out without risk: just let us know which size(s) and which design(s) you want in your first shipment when you order online or by phone. You can cancel at any time and still get every pair of unique premium quality cool socks we send you free if they don't fit!

How to give your boyfriend/girlfriend this gift

If you want to give your boyfriend/girlfriend something one-of-a kind, then how about getting them some cool socks every month? Well, according to Whim Socks, all you have to do is sign up online at their website and they’ll send different socks each month. The first month will be August 2012 (Honeymoon) and it’ll cost you $12 a month. Then after that, whatever sock theme they choose from their 12 Months of Socks calendar will be sent to your special someone (or yourself). If you decide not to give them socks for Christmas or for Valentine’s Day next year then that’s totally fine!

What should I do if my friend already got married?

If you can't be there, send something that says you're thinking about them. There are tons of thoughtful and personalized wedding gifts out there. How about a gift certificate to dinner or drinks at their favorite restaurant? Or book a massage for them in their future date night spot? The possibilities are endless! Your friend would love to know that you're thinking about them on such an important day. If you've never met your friend's spouse-to-be, maybe take him or her out to lunch and give your gift then so they'll feel like part of the celebration! You never know what kinds of fun stories you might get from meeting your friend's fiancé...

Our top recommendations

7 Reasons to Start a sock of the month Subscription Right Now! Awesome socks are kind of like hot dogs: if you're looking for true comfort and luxury, it's hard to beat them. And while men tend to wear socks out more quickly than they should, we'd all agree that when they last long enough, nothing feels better than sliding on your favorite socks first thing in the morning. Are you getting ready to pop that question? Or have you just popped it already? Whether you've got plans or not, there's one thing we can all agree on - celebrating with your best buds and other loved ones is better when everyone is wearing awesome socks. If you're trying to find an unforgettable gift, look no further.