Sock of the Month Club: Five Great Ways to Fold Your Socks


Your sock drawer can be like your own little sock of the month club, with a never-ending supply of socks that always feel brand new because you’ve kept them folded properly so they don’t get worn out before you have time to wear them. With these five great ways to fold your socks, you can rest easy knowing they’ll stay tidy and neat in your sock drawer until the day comes that you get to use them again.


The Traditional Roll

You might think that this way of folding socks is a little old school, but it's actually one of the more common ways to fold your socks. The traditional roll is perfect for guys who like their socks on display and don't mind when they slide down their pant leg. It also holds up better than other folds if you're sitting with them in your pocket. It's easy to do, too--just roll each sock from one end to another, starting with the heel.


Over-the-Shoulder Bunch

One way to fold your socks is by starting with one sock and laying it over-the-shoulder like a bunch. Then, take another sock and lay it over the first sock. Next, take the left side of the second sock, pull it over and under the right side of the first sock, then pull up on both ends until they meet in front. Repeat this with all your socks.


Muffin Method

1. One way is known as the muffin method. To do this, you start by placing one sock inside another and then fold them together, creating a muffin shape.
2. Next, put your hand in the middle of both socks and pull all four corners outwards until they're even on all sides with each other.
3. Finally, pull those four corners up and over the top of one another so that they're all meeting at a point in the center. 2


Box Method

The Box Method is a great way for men (or anyone who prefers wearing socks) to keep their socks from getting all tangled up in each other. You can also use this method for long-term storage. First, lay out two pairs of your favorite socks--socks that match or coordinate well--and put them side by side. Next, fold one pair and slide it into the other pair so that they form a box shape with each other. Then fold over one sock on top so that it makes a crease and place another sock on top of that one making sure to align them together nicely. This will create another box shape with three layers inside. Finally, tuck in any stray ends and you're set!


Ribbon Method

The Ribbon Method is our favorite way to fold socks!
1. Begin by holding one sock in both hands, with the toes facing up. 2. Cross one side over the other and loop it around so that it hangs down from the heel. 3. Gather both ends of this first loop and put them through one of the toe holes on the bottom, then pull them back out again. 4. Loop these two new ends around and put them through another hole on the opposite side of where they came out last time, then pull them back out again.