Sock of the Month Club: A Subscription That Makes You Proud

sock of the month Club: A Subscription That Makes You Proud

What makes you proud? Is it your work? Your family? Your home? It could be any number of things, and that’s why when you open your sock drawer you should find socks that make you proud to show off to the world. sock of the month Club lets you do just that with their subscription service that brings you one pair of high-quality socks each month, including American-made socks, women’s socks, teen socks, and more.

Why you should get socks from a sock subscription

Socks are an extremely common clothing item, and yet they’re often something you can never find when you need them. Start your month with a new pair of socks that you feel proud to wear—that way, it’s guaranteed they’ll get worn. Not only do socks add some color to your outfit, but they also keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer (depending on what kind you choose). Having a subscription service gives you a constant supply of fresh socks without having to go out searching for them yourself. Most sock subscription services offer great discounts for bulk purchases, meaning you might even be able to use them as another holiday gift for friends and family members or as stocking stuffers!

How this sock subscription works

It is easy! One sock a month for as long as you want to stay a member. It’s great for families, and makes a perfect gift for those hard-to-shop-for friends. If you get tired of your monthly socks, or if you send them away because they just don’t fit right, no worries! The sock of the month Club will send out a new pair to replace it. With four different subscription options – 3 pairs, 6 pairs, 9 pairs and 12 pairs – there is something available to everyone. For only $9.99 per month plus shipping costs (usually about $3-$6 depending on your location), each package includes colorful fun socks that make you look forward to mail day.

Why they are comfortable

This isn’t just a sock. It’s a sock of the month Club experience that offers variety, personality and comfort. With each month, you will receive an assortment of unique designs to satisfy your needs and wants. Whether it’s for everyday use or to wear on a specific occasion, these socks are perfect for any adventure you take. We’re confident that once you feel how comfortable our socks are, you will fall in love with them. This isn’t just about bright colors; it is about being proud about your personal style! And we’ve made sure each pair comes with bold colors and designs because we want you to be able to bring out your inner creativity! So get out there and show off those stylish feet!

Where to find them

Yes, these socks are a little pricier than your run-of-the-mill Hanes or Fruit of The Loom cotton socks, but that’s because they’re so special. The folks at Sock It to Me send out a new pair of colorful and fun socks every month to people who sign up for their subscription service (for $9.99 plus shipping). And while most sock subscriptions send you 2 or 3 pairs a month, Sock It To Me provides 6 to 10 pairs each month—including one pair that is only available as part of their subscription service. Just take note that subscribers can unsubscribe at any time, so if you want to give it a try be sure you like your first batch before signing up for more months.