Sock Of The Month Club: A Sock Subscription That Makes You Proud


A sock subscription service that sends you great socks every month may seem like an odd idea, but there’s good reason behind it. Most of us have quite a few pairs of socks at home, and they sometimes get overlooked in favor of fresher-looking clothes and shoes. But here’s the thing: we wear socks every single day, so why not give them some love and care?


About the brand

This is a sock subscription that will make you proud. They offer socks in all types of designs and colors so you can spice up your wardrobe while still keeping it professional. One of their popular products is the crazy color dress socks which are fun, funky and perfect for a night out on the town. This company has been around since 2012 and they have helped thousands of men find the perfect pair of socks to match their style.


Products Overview

The Socks of the Month Club is a monthly sock subscription that sends you men's ankle socks, cool socks for men, and fun dress socks with each shipment. All of our socks are made with high quality materials, meaning they're comfortable and durable. They also offer mens purple ankle socks, which are perfect for the seasons!
It doesn't matter if you have small feet or big feet- we have a size to fit everyone. Each shipment comes with one pair each of mens funky colorful ankle socks and fun dress socks for all occasions. We also include one pair of crazy fun crew socks to help bring out your inner child!


Our Experience

This is a great gift for the man in your life or even just to treat yourself. sock of the month clubs are a fun way to stay up with the newest and coolest trends in mens colorful socks. You'll get socks of various styles, patterns and colors each month, so you'll always have something new and different!


Packaging & Shipping

We know that shipping costs can often be the most expensive part of your order so we offer free shipping anywhere in the world for orders over $50. Our packaging is designed to ensure that your socks will arrive at their destination in pristine condition and are packed into a cute little box with a personal note from us. We make sure to include our return address and web address on the label too. When you receive your order, please contact us if there's any problem with the item or the packing before leaving feedback so that we can try to resolve it as quickly as possible.


Marketing Tactics

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