Sock of the Month Club: A guide to matching your socks with a tie

The sock of the month club, or SOCKS, as we’ll call it for short, isn’t something you’ve ever considered joining because you couldn’t find anyone who could explain the benefits. That’s where I come in! As an avid member of SOCKS, I love how having an assortment of different socks has made me realize there really is no wrong way to match your socks to your tie, so long as both are stylish and clean!

Matching patterns

Finding socks that match every outfit is a daunting task, and oftentimes you end up throwing in the towel and wearing boring black socks. But don't worry! We've compiled a list of sock subscription services for men so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about your sock drawer.

It's always important to keep your attire interesting and on-trend, but sometimes it's hard to find the perfect pattern that matches everything. That's why we have taken it upon ourselves to find some of the most popular sock subscriptions available on the market right now. Whether you're looking for funky patterns or simple solids, this list has something for everyone!

Here are five great options for mens sock subscriptions

Matching colors

Match your socks with your tie by considering both color and pattern. Choose similar colors, or opt for complementary colors. To match patterns, choose patterns that are repeated on both items. When choosing complementary colors, it's best to have one dark and one light item so that they appear balanced. Think about what you'll be wearing on top when selecting any particular pair of sock and a tie combo. If you're going to be wearing an all-white outfit, for example, the blue-and-brown striped sock is more appropriate than navy-and-cream ones. If you're wearing a suit and want to show off some personality in your dress shoes, go ahead and try out some fun mens ankle socks for men!

Matching multiple items

With our sock of the month club, you'll receive one pair of fun dress socks each month. The best part? You can choose between ankle or crew length! No matter if you're looking for crazy color dress socks, cool mens socks, or colorful ankle socks, we've got something for you. If you're not sure what to choose, just pick from our monthly selection and they'll be delivered right to your door!

But wait - that's not all. sock of the month Club is also perfect for men looking for awesome socks club or fun men's ankle socks! Choose from different patterns and colors each month and get something new every time.

Plus there are so many other benefits too.