Sock of the Month Club - A Gift Idea for Him

sock of the month Club - A Gift Idea for Him

If you’re tired of searching through the sock drawer and coming up empty-handed, consider gifting your boyfriend or husband with something that has the potential to solve this problem once and for all: a sock of the month club! If he’s anything like most men, he’ll think this gift idea is fantastic, because why wouldn’t he? Not only will he receive new socks each month, but they’ll be delivered right to his door with no work on his part.

What is a sock of the month club?

One way to make sure your guy never runs out of socks is to sign him up for a sock of the month club. Every month, he'll receive 3 new pairs (or more) at his doorstep. There are a number of sock clubs that cater specifically to men, but there are some that can be unisex if you don't care about color-matching your socks. An added bonus: with every pair you purchase, a pair is donated to a person in need. It's an easy and affordable gift idea for everyone on your list!

Things to consider when ordering a sock of the month club

First, think about who will be receiving your gift. Is it a significant other? Then, you’ll want to send them quality socks and try to get their foot size (US mens sizes only). If you’re sending it to your boss or a family member, keep it really simple and make sure you have his or her correct address! Finally, if you're ordering with friends or someone else, go ahead and include yourself in on the fun. As long as he loves you enough not to steal all his socks from you!

How to choose your gift recipient's preferences

Choosing a gift based on someone else's preferences is tricky, but if you know your recipient well enough to know their sock size, you're half way there. There are several online subscription services available to help make sure you always get a good match and remember it long enough to make sure it doesn't come off as an impersonal gift. Philosockphy is one such service that will create a custom sock subscription just for your recipient by asking questions about his or her preferences and sizing. You can even surprise him with a box every month with no strings attached. The first step in choosing your perfect gift is getting down to their basic sizes. Sizing charts are very important when ordering socks online and go without saying that they should be accurate in order to ensure comfort and fit!

How to stay updated with deliveries

If you sign up for a sock-of-the-month club, it’s important to stay on top of when your shipment will arrive. Most clubs send members a postcard in advance that notifies them about when their next pair will ship out. This way, if you’re planning something special, such as a vacation or business trip, you can coordinate it with your sock of the month delivery schedule so that they don’t arrive at an inconvenient time and get tossed in a drawer until your next gift-giving occasion arises. Most companies let customers know how long they have to confirm a delivery before it goes out automatically, but depending on what company you use, yours may require immediate confirmation once received or even overnight shipping if you ordered within 24 hours.