Sock of the Month Club: A drinking game for your feet

Every month, your sock drawer gets jam-packed with random socks that you received as gifts or through the mail. While these aren’t terrible socks, you don’t wear them much because they don’t match anything else in your sock collection. If only there was a way to get excited about those socks again...this sock of the month Club wants to help! Every month, sock of the month Club members receive 3 pairs of funky and fun socks that are sure to make you giddy with delight when you open your package in the mail!

The History of DMC

DMC was founded in 2003 by two brothers who were inspired by their father's love of socks. They decided to make it their mission to provide people with cool socks, and that mission has not changed since 2003. DMC is now a thriving company with employees from all over the world and socks shipped to more than 50 countries. Our goal is to provide you with an unparalleled shopping experience and tons of cool socks!

What is Philosockphy?

The sock of the month Club is a monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers a pair of cool socks each month. Subscribers can choose from over 100 different styles, patterns, and colors. The club offers two levels of membership depending on how many pairs you want to receive each month. In addition to receiving cool socks every month, members also get access to discounts on other gear like backpacks or sunglasses.

How Does it Work?

A sock of the month Club membership is a monthly subscription that sends you a new pair of socks every month. For $15/month, you'll get one pair in your size and two extras in different sizes. If you don't love them, just send them back within 30 days for a refund.

Each sock comes with free shipping and handling (US only). You'll receive an email at the start of each month with your upcoming sock shipment on it. The email will also include a link to preview all current designs before they ship out. Once you've signed up, you can choose to have Socksmith pick out styles or let you do it yourself from their website (you'll need to be logged into your account when shopping).

Philosockophy Drinking Game

We recommend this game to be played with teams, preferably divided by gender (men vs. women). The rules are pretty simple and straightforward. The only things that you need to play are a pair of socks and a drink. Whoever has the winning sock is entitled to one sip from the other team's drink. Keep playing until all socks have won, or until someone blows their alcohol tolerance!