Sock of the Month Club

sock of the month Club

Every month, the sock of the month club will send you fresh pairs of socks based on your preferences or lack thereof. You can pick from a wide variety of socks, including cotton, wool and cashmere-blend options in both athletic and dress styles to fit any outfit and occasion. With each pair delivered straight to your door, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you have clean socks when you need them!

The 7 Things to Know When Shopping for Men’s Socks

Men’s socks come in a dizzying array of styles, materials and patterns. They also come in different price ranges; luxury wool socks can cost upwards of $20 per pair while budget cotton socks can be found for less than $3. It’s easy to end up overwhelmed when you walk into your local mall or department store looking for just one thing: a good pair of men’s socks. Here are some things to keep in mind next time you need to buy a new pair for your man (or yourself)

3 Types of Men’s Wool Socks

There are three types of men’s wool socks. First, there is a traditional sock that has its own heel and toe; second, there is a no-show sock that sits below your ankle; and third, there is a mid-calf sock (sometimes referred to as over-the-calf) that reaches up to your calf muscle. Each type of sock provides different benefits depending on what you intend to do while wearing them. Whether you need cushioning for walking around at work or protection from winter elements when camping outdoors, finding one style or multiple styles will help keep your feet comfortable during each activity. It is also important to note that wool can be used in any of these styles; cotton cannot.

9 Ways to Beat Sweaty Foot Syndrome

You can change your socks multiple times per day, but unless you fix some of your sock habits, sweaty feet might be here to stay. But just as there are some products designed to help deal with stinky feet, there are also things you can do—outfit-wise and habit-wise—to keep your feet from getting sweaty and gross. Here are nine ways to beat sweaty foot syndrome: (Remember: If you don’t wear socks, it’s not going to work!)

Are You Buying the Right Underwear?

Before you sign up for a monthly sock subscription, take a good look at your pants and think about which material is best for socks. Some socks are made from cotton, some from wool and others from cashmere. On paper, each fabric has its own set of advantages—and just as with clothing and shoes, your choice may ultimately come down to personal preference. But even if you don’t like certain materials in other articles of clothing, it doesn’t mean that they won’t work well with a pair of socks. Use these guidelines as a starting point to help choose among cotton, wool or cashmere—or whatever else may be on offer. Ask yourself: How often will I wear these? Is durability important? Do I have sensitive skin?

How to Take Care of Men's Dress Socks

If you buy cashmere or wool socks, remember to be very careful when washing them. The best way to wash your dress socks is by hand in cold water with Woolite. This may seem like an inconvenient method, but it will prevent your fine dress socks from getting lost in a washing machine and add some tender loving care that they deserve. If you must put them in a washing machine, make sure to put them into a mesh laundry bag so they don’t get snagged on anything and gently toss them in on delicate cycle with cold water only. It’s also important to not wring out your sock after washing—just lay it flat on a towel or drying rack to air dry naturally.

Great Gifts For Him That Won't Break the Bank

The Philosockphy behind gift giving is all about intentionality, love and delight. Check out The sock of the month club to give a fantastic gift that he will love every month with new selection each month. Each sock has it's own personality, just like your man. It's perfect for Father's Day! If you want to give something unique and meaningful, then look no further than The sock of the month Club. You can always buy socks for him or her at Target or Walmart but those are boring...He deserves better than that! Sign up to receive a monthly sock club box that includes two cool designer socks for just $12/month! There are 10-15 different sock types offered each month.

New Technology Helps Save Lives!

People who suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease may have to change their lifestyle drastically. One area of improvement is their diet, which means cutting out food that causes spikes in blood sugar levels. The key is to eat foods with a lower glycemic index—meaning they are less likely to cause rapid fluctuations in your blood sugar level. New wool socks made by Philosockphy have a low glycemic index rating of 35, making them perfect for people with a high-risk condition. In addition, they’re also soft and warm while being easy on sensitive feet and legs prone to pain due to nerve damage. As you can see, these socks have far more uses than just keeping your feet dry and warm.