Sock of the Month Club - 8 Random, Fun, and Useless Facts About Socks

sock of the month Club - 8 Random, Fun, and Useless Facts About Socks

How can you tell if you have the best sock of the month club on your hands? These 8 facts about socks might help you answer that question. Ready to feel awesome about your next shipment of socks? Let’s get started!

Why we wear socks

The fact that we wear socks says a lot about our society. Despite what popular opinion may have you believe, wearing socks isn’t an entirely arbitrary activity. In fact, if you think about it logically (which is kind of hard to do when you’re trying to get your shoe on), there are actually a lot of functional reasons we wear them. And besides providing comfort, looking good, and keeping our feet warm in winter months, they can also provide some serious foot protection when used correctly. So today I want to talk about cool socks that keep your feet happy AND safe!

The history of socks

It’s believed that socks first evolved in Egypt sometime between 3000-2800 BC. Since then, they have been worn by humans all over the world for a variety of reasons including: fashion purposes (including colorful socks), medicinal purposes (to cure frostbite or prevent it), religious purposes (socks were often used as a standard for measuring time since ancient Egyptian pharaohs liked to change their attire every 3 hours)... and even practical purposes. Some cultures also believed that it was healthy to wear socks at night while you slept; they thought that your body would sweat less because it would be conserving energy while you were sleeping. Imagine if your boss came into work one day wearing nothing but socks!

How wool is made

Wool is harvested from a sheep in several steps. First, it is sheared off by hand or machine to remove its thick undercoat and leave only fine hair called wool (or fleeces). The wool is then sent to a mill where it will be cleaned and separated into fibers. Next, it will be spun into yarn before being woven or knitted into socks. Since socks are typically worn next to our skin they need to be made with soft materials that are highly absorbent. Sheep provide just that—the wool from a single sheep can make up to 80 pairs of socks!

The perfect sock formula

Finding socks that are perfectly comfortable is a formula like no other. Over thousands of years, humans have been trying to find a perfect match for our feet; some people think they have it figured out. But if you’re still feeling sockless when it comes to comfort—and if you can’t spend every day in slippers or your favorite pair of shoes—you might want to join a sock subscription service. You'll be sent packages each month filled with five pairs of different socks; try them all out, return what doesn't work for you (for free), and keep what does! This will let you determine which style works best with your body type and lifestyle without breaking your bank account. Here are some fun facts about socks

The popularity of socks over time

When it comes to socks, men (31 percent) are more likely than women (26 percent) to say they can’t get enough of them. That may be because they’re worn so frequently or because they have a larger variety than other clothing items. Whatever the reason, 57 percent of sock-lovers report having between 10 and 25 pairs; 24 percent have 26 or more pairs in their sock drawer. This means that there is plenty of room for growth among sock enthusiasts—about half (51%) say they buy at least one pair per month.

The most common socks colors

It's true! The most common socks colors are black (53%), white (15%), gray (12%) and browns/khaki (8%). Yup. It seems we have a thing for neutrals. But there are still those who'll have fun with color - after all, 6% of socks sold are either pink or multicolored. They even make an excellent gift choice because they can be worn year-round in many different outfits! With that in mind, a sock subscription is definitely a fun gift to give yourself every month.

Extra things you didn’t know about socks

Like those embarrassing uncle jokes that find their way into holiday cards, socks (and underwear) are rarely discussed. But when you’re talking about a sock subscription service (yes, there is such a thing), you can’t help but learn a few fun things about our feet. So read on for some facts and figures about your favorite footwear. You know—just in case you ever want to pull off that cheesy all I need is love, and other things pick-up line from Say Anything . The average human foot contains 250,000 sweat glands. No wonder socks always seem to get stinky! In fact: If your shoes stink after one wear it could be caused by micro sock debris trapped in old socks or some kind of bacteria.

Dealing with smelly socks

The worst part about wearing a pair of smelly socks is that you get used to it. That's one reason sock companies are looking for more ways to introduce their products. And now there are socks specifically designed for those who've got foot odor. There's even a sock-of-the-month club, which sends subscribers new pairs regularly, even when they don't ask for them. Here are eight fun facts you probably didn't know about socks