Sock of the Month Club: 8 Fun and Useless Facts About Socks

sock of the month Club: 8 Fun and Useless Facts About Socks

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1) Why are they called socks?

It's unclear where the word sock came from, but it seems to have come from either a Scandinavian word meaning to cover or an Old Norse word meaning covering. There are many different types of socks which means they're not all called socks. Men's colorful socks, for example, can be called dress socks. Women might wear ankle socks or crew socks. Kids might wear children's dress sock. It really depends on what you're using them for.


2) The most expensive sock ever sold

The most expensive sock ever sold was a 17th-century sock that was found in an old castle. It is made from silk, with gold thread detail. The previous record holder for most expensive sock was a $2 million pair of socks from Loro Piana; these were made from cashmere, had diamond patterning, and came with a certificate of authenticity.


3) Always buy cotton socks

Cotton socks are better for your feet because they absorb moisture. Plus, cotton is a breathable fabric that will keep your feet cool in the summer and warmer in winter. Cotton socks also tend to be a little more durable than other types so they will last longer. Cotton socks have been shown to decrease blisters and callouses which means you can wear them all day without pain. Plus, cotton is hypoallergenic which makes it a great option for those with sensitive skin or allergies to synthetic materials like acrylics or polyesters.
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4) Vibrant colors vs. subtle ones

The choice between vibrant colors or subtle ones for men's socks is a difficult one. But if you're looking for a gift, the Vibrant Colors will be loved by all. The best sock subscription is from sock of the month Club. They have awesome socks club with lots of different designs to choose from.


5) Woolen vs. acrylic

Woolen socks are warmer than acrylic socks, but they take longer to dry after washing. Woolen socks can also shrink with repeated washings, so you may want to purchase them in a larger size. Acrylic socks are easier to maintain because they won't shrink or fade. They're also more affordable, which is important if you want a lot of pairs.


6) What do you know about socks?

1. There are a wide variety of socks for men. From crazy color dress socks to fun crew socks, you have many options to find the perfect pair!
2. Many sock companies offer a sock of the month club as a gift idea or just as something fun to do each month.
3. Men's ankle socks are different from women's because they are cut to go over your shoe and protect your ankles better.


7) Which country does the most sock production?

The United States is ranked in first for sock production. The US produces more than 1.5 billion pairs annually, which is nearly a third of all socks produced worldwide. It's also worth mentioning that Italy ranks second in production, but they only produce about 40% as many socks as the US does. It's estimated that socks are bought or given away at an average rate of six per person per year in America--making them one of our most popular clothing items.


8) And what about mass production?

Mass production is a manufacturing method which involves producing large amounts of goods at one time. Mass production uses assembly lines to decrease the amount of labor needed for each individual item. It also speeds up how quickly items can be produced, reducing how much it costs to produce them. cool socks for men is an example of a company that manufactures these types of products.