Sock of the Month Club: 6 Reasons Your Feet Will Love You For It


Your feet will thank you. It’s true! While monthly sock subscriptions might seem like they’re just helping you fill your sock drawer with more socks, the truth is that you may be getting much more out of it than simply stocking up on new pairs of socks every month! Here are six reasons why your feet will love that sock of the month club membership.


1) No more hunting for socks

A sock of the month club may be just what you need to stop hunting for socks. First, it's a gift that your feet will thank you for. Second, it's affordable, costing as little as $9 per month. Third, it's practical- most subscriptions deliver six pairs of socks each season. Fourth, it's easy to cancel at any time if you decide you don't want to keep receiving socks after your first order has arrived. Fifth, it provides variety - subscriptions offer everything from dress socks to crazy color dress socks and cool mens socks to awesome socks club! Sixth and finally, it saves time- who wants to go into a store and search for the perfect pair of men's purple ankle socks when you can have them delivered right to your door?


2) No more mismatched socks

sock subscriptions are an amazing gift idea for any men in your life, but you don't need to stop there. If you're buying for yourself, why not save time and hassle with a sock subscription service? No more running out to buy socks when an old pair wears out or gets lost and no more mismatches! With a sock subscription service, you'll have fun socks delivered monthly that match your style and personality.
1) It's hard to find cool socks that fit well.
2) Random mismatched socks look unprofessional at work.
3) Who doesn't love getting gifts in the mail? Sign up for a monthly sock subscription service and get fun new pairs of colorful socks every month! \


3) Your feet will always feel comfortable

Wearing socks is not just about being warm and toasty in the winter months. Socks can make your feet more comfortable all year round. Whether you're wearing dress shoes, sandals or sneakers, having a good pair of socks on can be the difference between a good day and one that's miserable.
1) One way socks can make your feet feel better is by making sure they don't slip around in your shoe so much. The friction from sliding around against each other or against the inside of your shoe can cause blisters and irritation on your toes, which makes for an uncomfortable day for you.
2) Another way to stop foot pain is by insulating them from being too cold in winter months.


4) They will last longer

If you're looking for a new way to give your feet some love, or if you're sick of spending hours in the shoe store trying to find a pair that will last more than one wearing, consider joining a sock subscription club. Socks have notoriously short life spans and are often overlooked when it comes to clothing maintenance. This can be especially frustrating when you finally find a good pair and then they wear out after only a few wears. So why not make your life easier and sign up for an automatic sock delivery service? Not only will these socks last longer, but they also come with fun designs that put your average black dress socks to shame.


5) They come with free gifts

Ever since I started a sock subscription, my feet have been thanking me. The socks come with free gifts like cutesy socks for your pets, a 'groom' gift set for him and her, and a full year's supply of candy.
It's really a great way to stay stocked up on socks all year long without having to go out and buy more.
And if you're looking for fun socks for men or cool socks for men, you'll be able to find those too!


6) Best gift idea ever?

This is a great gift idea for people who are hard to buy for, don't like shopping, or just want something nice. If you sign up for sock of the month Club's 3-month plan, you'll receive three pairs of socks every three months (or one pair per month). The best part is that they are only $14.99 each! That's less than $5 a pair!