Sock of the Month Club: 5 Great Ways to Fold Your Socks


How you fold your socks can affect how long they last, so it’s important to know the right way to fold them. If you want your socks to last longer and avoid having them bunch up in the drawer, here are five great ways to fold your socks, courtesy of the sock of the month club (or SOCKS!). These folding techniques will save you time and keep you from ever having ugly wrinkled socks again!


1) The Accordion

Mens Purple ankle socks
The Accordion is one of the most popular sock-folding styles. It's easy, uses less space and has a pleasing shape. Follow these steps to fold your socks accordion style:
1. Place your socks on top of each other with the toes at one end and heels at the other end. 2. Pull up one side of your socks over the other so that it meets in middle and forms an X. 3. Repeat step 2 until you are left with a small bundle or package with all folds pointing towards the toe section. 4. Hold firmly but gently on either side and then pull apart from each other so that it unfolds into a nice triangular shape!


2) The French Roll

The French Roll is a great way for men to fold their socks, as it makes them easy to grab. All you need is an empty cardboard box or a shoe box and one sock. The first step is to place your sock into one corner of the container with your toes facing you and then pull up on your toes while tucking in your heel. Next, roll up your sock and make sure that it's tightly packed by squeezing it down against the bottom of the container. This will create a nice little package that you can easily grab when you're ready for it!


3) The Overhand Knot

Sometimes you'll have a pair of socks that have a hole in them or are just too worn out for everyday wear. If this happens, there is an easy way to recycle your socks and not let them go to waste! First, put one sock inside the other so that both socks are facing inside out. Next, fold the top sock down over the toe section and then do the same with the bottom sock so that they're both folded down over each other's toes. Now take your fingers and pull on both ends until they're tight enough that they don't slip back through themselves. Finally, tie a knot at either end of your new pair of socks!


4) The Tornado

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5) The Figure 8

This is one of the best ways to fold your socks because it doesn't leave any loose ends. To start, place a sock on a flat surface and lay another over it, like an 8. Grab both ends and pull them towards each other so that they overlap in the middle. Hold this as you fold one end over the other, then repeat with the opposite side. Now tuck in both ends and you're done!