Sock of the Month Club

sock of the month Club

The sock of the month Club just may be the best club in the world, if you’re into that sort of thing. Subscribing to this monthly sock-of-the-month service will ensure that you never have to worry about purchasing another pack of socks at the supermarket again. You’ll receive one new pair of high-quality socks in your mailbox every month, ready to wear out or give as a gift! The best part? Shipping is free every month no matter where you live in the United States or Canada!

A few fun facts about socks

In human culture, socks have been around for thousands of years. In fact, socks have been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 3000 B.C.! One common misconception about socks is that they are worn on feet; but in actuality, you can put them almost anywhere on your body: your hands, ears, eyes and even mouth!

What to consider before buying a sock of the month club

Chances are, you aren’t looking for yet another subscription box. But socks? They’re more than just a necessity. A lot more. They make for fun gifts, and they can even be used to send secret messages (just remember Morse code). For many men, socks are a great way to give them something new and unexpected to look forward to every month or so—especially if they happen to love socks as much as we do here at GoCustomized.

How to save on some sock subscriptions

The first and most obvious way to save on sock subscriptions is to sign up for a year-long subscription. That'll get you an extra pair (or two) per month and save you around 50% off retail prices. If that isn't enough, though, there are plenty of places that will offer coupons on sock subscriptions; Groupon and Living Social usually carry offers like 20% off one pair, or a discounted monthly rate. And if those aren't cutting it for you, check sites like Slickdeals to see if there are any coupon codes floating around specifically for sock subscriptions! You can also try signing up with a relative or friend who is interested in getting a subscription as well; most companies have special deals and discounts if multiple people sign up together.

The best sock subscription boxes

Sock month clubs are great for people who love collecting socks but don’t have time to go shopping. A sock club can give you a new pair of socks delivered right to your door every month without fail, and there are plenty of styles and options out there to keep it fun and unique. For a sock lover, it’s like Christmas every month! Best of all, if you do decide that you’re sick of getting socks, you can usually cancel your subscription at any time with no penalty or fees.

What is a sock puppet?

A sock puppet is a hand puppet made from a sock. The puppeteer wears a sock on one hand, and manipulates it to control how the puppet moves. A more modern form of sock puppetry was created in 1991 when Muppets creator Jim Henson came up with The Sock Monkey. Since then, many people have been entertained by these entertaining characters that love their socks so much they wear them on their hands. (Merriam-Webster)

4 Basic Types of Socks in the World

1. Cotton 2. Wool 3. Nylon 4. Acrylic: Choosing which socks to wear may not seem like a difficult decision at first, but did you know there are four basic types? For example, choose cotton if you are in a warm climate; wool is good for cooler months and nylon/acrylic is best for extreme weather conditions.