Sock of the Month Club

sock of the month Club

Once upon a time, there was a company that wanted to make sure their employees’ feet stayed cool and comfortable in the summer months, but didn’t want to spend too much on it. While searching the Internet, they found monthly sock subscription services that allowed their employees to pick out three pairs of designer socks every month, including one pair of extra soft athletic socks and one pair of super-funky socks. They decided to set up their own sock of the month club with this service and were happy to find that every single employee loved it!

Why We Started a sock of the month Subscription

We were tired of seeing cool socks we liked never in our size. One day, while brainstorming business ideas, we thought - Hey, why don’t we start a sock subscription? People could enjoy new socks every month and it would help us get exposure for our other businesses. The idea was born and within a few days we had an online store ready to sell out first run at $19.99/month. This was exactly one year ago - and we've grown since then! We have tons of new designs that are exclusive to our subscribers only! What's more is that each subscriber gets to design their own sock plan so they can customize their monthly sock experience!

Our Favorite Things About Our Subscription

We’ve been a customer of sock of the month Club for years now, and we love everything about it. The service is awesome (and free—bonus!), it was super easy to set up our subscription, and we love how great their socks look. Another thing we love is that you get both sock-of-the-month and accessory items in your package each month. If you’re looking for cool socks or unique accessories like belts, ties, or cufflinks/handkerchiefs (we even got a lapel pin one month), then sign up for sock of the month Club today! We also have a handy link at checkout to send an email to someone else with your gift idea too!

Other Subscriptions That We Love

This holiday season, there are so many great options for corporate gifts that won’t break your budget. We love Sock Panda which delivers two pair of cool socks to your office every month. A sock subscription is perfect for employees who like to stand out with their footwear but don’t want to spend a lot or buy a new pair every week! It's also a great way to keep everyone in your office warm during chilly winters. Another gift option we like is Quirk Books' book subscription club. It's affordable, personal and you can choose from a selection of books based on what type you think would be most appealing to each employee.

Just Starting Out? Here Are Some Great Incentive Gifts That Will Be Appreciated.

A sock subscription is a unique way to give gifts that people will actually want! Not only are these socks incredibly cool, but they are also customizable for any interest or personality. Do you have a family member who loves cooking? A sock subscription will keep them in cute and stylish socks all year long. Want to reward your employees for their hard work? Give a gift that everyone will appreciate. Socks are not just limited to men either - there are plenty of fun and bright options available for women as well! These cool socks make great incentives - so if you're shopping around, consider giving something that doesn't suck!

Gift Ideas For Bosses and Employers

If you want to thank your boss for giving you a raise, or want to congratulate your co-worker on his new promotion, there are dozens of ways to do it with a gift. While pricey gift baskets can be appropriate for some, others might appreciate something more personal—like socks. Yup. Socks are one of those gifts that can always go over well because everyone wears them and everyone likes getting them! How about gifting your boss or employer with a sock-of-the-month club?

New Employer/Employee Relationships

In a professional environment, it’s important to avoid even an appearance of impropriety. To prevent such issues, always make sure you’re mindful of company policy. For example, if your company has a sock-of-the-month club for employees, do not accept gifts from vendors or investors who are interested in doing business with your company. Doing so could compromise you and your company legally and hinder future business opportunities. In many cases, employee/employer relationships will be resolved without any legal action on behalf of either party—but making sure that’s true can often require you to establish boundaries and follow protocol.