Sock of the Month Club: 10 Unusual Sock Subscription Services You Should Know About

sock of the month Club: 10 Unusual sock subscription Services You Should Know About

Some people might think socks are an odd gift to give or receive, but the people at Philosockphy (philosock-fi) disagree—their sock subscription club sends out one pair of custom-made socks every month to their members, each one made from a different material and with a fun design on it. And that’s just the start! Whether you’re looking for novelty socks, handmade socks, the perfect gift for your significant other, or just an excuse to wear something different every day of the week, these unusual sock subscription services have something you’re sure to love.

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1) What to do with a strange gift

What do you do when you get a gift that you don't want? Some people might give it away, donate it, or sell it. Another option is to trade up for something more desired. Here's how to trade your unwanted gifts for something better:
Find out what the giver wants and swap it for something on their list. Explain that you're giving them a substitute because they gave you an unwanted gift.
Offer to swap your present with someone else who doesn't want theirs in exchange for their present. Ask around and see if anyone has an unwanted gift they're willing to trade with yours.

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2) The best service for funny socks

If you're looking for a laugh, check out the crazy color dress socks. The best part? They come in three different colors! For those who want to take their style up a notch, we recommend checking out the Cool Men's ankle socks. This sock company is passionate about being different and making people smile. Their goal is to make people feel good by providing you with one-of-a-kind socks that will brighten your day.


3) Fun socks from your favorite movie

If you are looking for a sock subscription service, I recommend checking out fun socks for men. They offer socks from all sorts of films, TV shows and video games. For example, if you love the movie Titanic, they have Titanic themed socks! Or if you're more into video games, they have Mario inspired socks. Whatever your preference may be, fun socks for men has got you covered.


4) Get socks from your favorite TV show

A few companies have begun to offer a sock subscription service as well. For example, you can get a monthly shipment of socks that are themed according to your favorite TV show. For instance, you could get socks with Star Wars emblems or socks with Muppets characters on them. This is a great idea for someone who likes their fun and colorful socks but doesn't have time to go shopping or wants to find something new every month. Plus, if they like TV shows that are popular, they'll always be on trend!

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5) For fashion-forward men and women

A sock-of-the-month club for men and women that provides socks for every occasion? Yes, please. From formal dress socks to fun dress socks and cool ankle socks, you'll find them all in this extensive list. Check out these awesome subscription services if you're looking to add some more style to your sock drawer.

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6) For sporty people

Sporty people love to buy new socks to replace their old, worn-out ones. But, they also want something that matches their personality and style. The best sock subscription service for them might be one that offers a unique selection of cool socks in vibrant colors and designs. That way, they'll never have to worry about wearing boring black or white socks again. Plus, they can show off their awesome collection on social media and get compliments from other sporty people who are looking for new socks too!

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7) For the 80s baby in all of us

Last month, my brother-in-law commented on how he was looking for a new pair of socks. I went online and found a sock of the month club that would be perfect for him. The best part? They were sending a package every 3 months! I ordered it right away and they sent him a package with his first six pairs. He loved them! The next day, he showed me all his socks and said to thank me again. It was so much fun.

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8) For the lover of funny sayings and puns

If you're like me and you've ever said I have a sock drawer, then you need to check out these subscription services that offer a little bit more than just socks.
There are so many different options, some people might say, You can't go wrong with a sock subscription service. But I'm here to tell you that actually, yes you can go wrong. And believe me, I know from experience.
The first time I tried a sock subscription service was during my college years when the only thing on my mind was laundry. The idea seemed great in theory because all it promised was for me not to have to do any laundry for one month. That sounds pretty good right?

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9) For babies, toddlers, and kids (0+)

Kids love new socks, and we have some great ideas for sock subscriptions that you might not know about. These are perfect for anyone looking to treat themselves or give a fun gift.
1) Jolly Socks - Jolly is a cute little sock company with an awesome socks club called The Biggest Little Mail Day of the Year. 2) Wild Threads - Wild Threads is a monthly sock subscription service designed specifically for kids. 3) Fanciful Feet - Fanciful Feet is dedicated to delivering whimsical socks to your door each month. 4) Trikes & Tiaras - Trikes & Tiaras has been delivering fun, funky and colorful socks (and occasional surprises!) since 2002!

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10) For people who can’t stand socks on their feet

I don't know about you, but I can't stand to have socks on my feet. They feel too constricting and itchy. I think that's why I love sock subscription services so much. Being able to try out different socks without having to buy them is amazing! The best part is they're all colorful and fun! These are the top ten sock subscriptions you should know about if you dislike wearing socks with your shoes.