Sock of the Month Club: 10 Tips for Wearing No Show Socks


Why wear no show socks, you ask? Because it’s the sock of the month club, and we only feature high-quality socks that will work great with all of your shoes, including your favorite boots, dress shoes and sneakers. So here are our top 10 tips for wearing no show socks this winter without sacrificing style or comfort.

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1) Learn what type of socks are best for you

Mens ankle socks are one of the most popular type of socks out there. They're perfect for everyday wear and can be worn as formal or casual attire. Mens ankle socks come in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Your mens sock drawer will never be boring again! Mens purple ankle socks are a great choice for guys that like to accessorize their style with some pop. The best sock subscription is going to have a huge selection to choose from, so you'll never have to worry about your favorite color not being available. Whether you like crazy color dress socks or cool mens socks, our sock subscription has you covered!

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2) Stick with a sock brand you know and love

We love socks and we know you do too! Here are some tips to help you wear no show socks with your sneakers, boots, or even dress shoes.
1. Buy a good pair of no show socks that fit snugly on your heel and toes. 2. Put on a thin sock over your no show sock. 3. Wear thicker dress socks over that if needed and you're good to go!

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3) Try different sock types

* We have a mens colorful socks club that can be subscribed to monthly or yearly. A mens colorful socks club is perfect as a gift, or even just for yourself. It's super easy to sign up and you can choose how many pairs you want sent to your door each month.
* You don't have to wear no show socks with dress shoes, they can be worn with sneakers too! Fun socks are great conversation starters so make sure you're wearing something different from the crowd- especially if it's in a fun color!
* If you ever get uncomfortable wearing no show socks with dress shoes, try wearing them with sneakers instead. They'll still hug your feet and look great without feeling uncomfortable on your toes!

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4) Wear thicker socks in the winter

One way to make sure your socks don't show is to wear thicker socks in the winter. That way, you can add more layers on top and still keep your feet warm and comfortable. Some people will even wear three pairs at a time!
Wool socks are perfect because they're both warm and cozy, plus they're less likely to show through any shoes you have on. Plus, wool is naturally moisture-wicking so it'll help keep your feet dry all day long!

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5) Add gel insoles to your shoes if your foot slips

Luckily, there's an easy fix to this problem. Simply add gel insoles inside your shoe to help you keep your foot in place. Remember that it doesn't matter what kind of shoe you're wearing; all that matters is that you have a cushioned insole to help absorb some of the shock as you walk.

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6) Stretch them out before wearing them

No show socks are a great way to add some fun and color to your outfit. But before you put them on, it's important to stretch them out so they don't cut off your circulation. Plus, this will help prevent blisters and other chafing that can be caused by tight-fitting socks.
1) Start with one foot at a time (and we mean literally). If you're in a hurry, place both feet on a curb or stair step first, then move onto stretching out the second foot. 2) Lace up your shoe as tightly as possible without causing discomfort while sitting or standing. 3) Put on the no show sock, making sure that it is not too high up over your ankle or slouching down into your shoe.


7) Keep different pairs at work, home, gym, etc.

It's important to keep different pairs at work, home, gym, etc. to not only prevent stinky feet but also avoid having a mismatched sock with your outfit. Take time to think about what you're wearing and where you'll be going before choosing your socks that day. The best way to ensure you have enough socks is by joining our sock of the month club!


8) Wash only when they need it

Mens colorful socks are a great way to add some fun to any outfit. If you're one who prefers to wash your clothes less often, make sure you have a good deodorant and wear mens colourful socks with a dress shoe or sneaker. This creates a clean look without having to worry about dirt on your feet!
Mens colorful socks are not just for men either! There are many styles that work well with women's clothing as well. When wearing dresses, skirts, or shorts, try wearing ankle-length no show socks in various colors! They will keep your feet comfortable and cool in the summertime.

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9) Keep an extra pair in your car or locker at the gym (optional)

The best thing about no show socks is that they are comfortable, but still dressy. They look great with dress pants and even work well with shorts. The best sock of the month club will not only send you a fun pair of socks each month, but also give you plenty of advice on how to wear them in ways that make them look their absolute best. Plus, this is a gift that he won't forget!


10) Enjoy your new comfort level with no show socks!

Socks are a personal thing, and there's nothing worse than having to choose between your favorite athletic socks and dress socks. That is why we created an awesome socks club, where you will receive new pairs of high-quality no show socks each month. We offer fun men's ankle socks, colorful ankle sock designs, and cool crew socks to make sure you have the perfect pair for any occasion!