Sock of the Month Club

Every month, you’ll receive three pairs of the trendiest socks on the market in your mailbox. You can choose from 15 different styles and colors (10 more are constantly being introduced), and change up your look with just one click on the sock of the month Club website. Plus, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your socks after 30 days, you can return them free of charge – no questions asked! This sock subscription service makes it easy to find cool new socks every month!

What is the best sock subscription?
The best sock subscription is sock of the month. It sends you a new pair each month, so you’ll never have to worry about what socks to wear! With multiple colors and styles, there’s sure to be a pair for every occasion. It even has specialty socks for athletic activities like running or basketball. Plus it’s reasonably priced and shipping is free in the US! Sign up today to get started on your new sock adventure! I recently joined sock of the month, and I love it. There are many other options that I researched as well such as FabFitFun or Julep but ultimately decided to go with sock of the month. They had a good variety of sock varieties (athletic socks, business socks, casual socks) and colors. After just receiving my first package last week, I was excited to open it up and try them out. Not only did they send me several different types of socks but also included an information card telling me more about their company: who they were founded by and how long they have been around; where they source their materials from; customer service information; et cetera. I really enjoyed getting to know my new sock-friends before meeting them and putting them to use. They say a picture can paint a thousand words, so here are some photos of me wearing my socks and showcasing some pretty cool features: 💜 Also you guys - these things are PERFECT.

How does a sock of the month club work?
Essentially, a sock of the month club is a subscription service that sends members high-quality socks on a monthly basis. It’s sort of like Dollar Shave Club in that way: You sign up, you receive new stuff each month, and they bill your credit card automatically. We all know how awesome socks are (who doesn’t love getting new ones in their stocking at Christmas?)—but maybe you don’t know how to incorporate them into your daily routine. If that sounds like you, it’s time to check out our favorite sock products of 2017! Our list includes men’s socks, women’s socks, dress socks, running socks—you name it! Read through for some great gift ideas for yourself or for others; we think these are so cool we should start a sock of the month club ourselves...
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Are there any tips for buying cool socks?
Unless you are extremely picky, buying socks online is a good idea as it provides you access to a wider range of styles and colors. Before making any purchases, do your research by reading up on reputable sock companies and understanding their return policies. It’s also important to buy cool socks in bulk, particularly if you plan on giving them away as gifts or stocking them at your company’s holiday party. If you find an awesome pair that doesn’t match anything else in your closet, consider giving them to a loved one as a gift. Now that you know how cool socks work, go out there and rock some new pairs! Make sure they have your favorite sports team or quote emblazoned across them; cool socks don’t have to be boring after all. They can get ragged pretty quickly, though, so it’s always a good idea to have a few backup pairs for long-term use. As with everything else in life, people make fun of those who wear matching socks together. If someone teases you about your cool matching socks: Shame on them for picking on such trivial matters—what would they prefer?

What are some cool monthly sock subscriptions?
There are quite a few subscription services for socks out there. From sock-of-the-month clubs to style subscriptions, you can find nearly any pair imaginable sent straight to your door on a monthly basis. Here are five unique sock options you can get on subscription today: sock of the month : sock of the month clubs typically have fewer pairs but boast higher quality than other services. This service will send you one pair every month with a cost range between $7 and $15 per month. Allsocks! : Allsocks! features 12 pairs of high-quality socks (one each month) ranging from athletic wear to dress socks. The company even throws in some holiday-themed designs throughout December and January. You’ll pay anywhere from $20 – $40 each year depending on how many pairs you want. Gentleman's Box Men's Style Subscription Box : Gentleman’s Box provides menswear essentials including accessories, apparel, grooming products and more at an affordable price point. Get new attire curated around a specific theme each month for as low as $10 per box. The Dapper Company: For gentlemen who don't mind paying a little more than usual for their silk or cotton blends and cashmere socks, Dapper offers three-to-five pairs that run around $45–$50 per shipment.