Sock of the Month: 5 Ways to Style Fun Socks with Any Outfit

sock of the month: 5 Ways to Style Fun Socks with Any Outfit

Every month, your sock drawer gets the same pair of boring black socks that you’re too cheap to throw out but can’t even remember the last time you actually wore them. It’s time to upgrade your sock game, whether it’s for yourself or for the man in your life! Once again, sock of the month Club has an awesome deal on their monthly sock subscription that will surely spice up any sock drawer and make you want to wear socks all day long.


1) With a Jean Skirt

As a sock lover, I'm always on the lookout for new and different socks. Lucky for me, there's a subscription that sends me a new pair every month! The awesome socks club will send you awesome socks monthly, from fun dress socks to crazy color dress socks. It even has cool mens ankle socks! In fact, it was so hard to pick just one sock from them because they all have such great styles. If you're looking for the best sock subscription or just want a gift for someone who loves everything about fashion (including their feet!), this is the perfect place for you.


2) With Cropped Jeans

Wear ankle socks, like a pair of crazy color dress socks or men's purple ankle socks, with a jeans. Not only will you be able to show your ankles, but you'll also have something colorful under your jeans. If you're feeling bold, wear ankle socks in an outrageous color like electric green or bright pink and match them up with a dark denim. Pair striped ankle socks in either blue and white or yellow and red with wide-leg black pants for an outfit that will get people talking. Match some funky fun dress socks like knee-highs that are covered in polka dots or stripes on one side and solids on the other to any navy skirt for a quick change from your usual work attire.


3) With Over-the-Knee Boots

The perfect way to wear over-the-knee boots in fall is with a pair of fun dress socks. This will keep your feet warm without limiting your style. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even match your socks to your top or bottom for an extra pop of color! You can also wear ankle socks under a pair of dress pants for a similar effect. If you're looking for something that's more work appropriate, try wearing crew socks under trousers or jeans. The texture will help keep things from getting too slippery on a wet day, and they'll add some fun character as well. And if you're rocking slip-on sneakers or loafers, try adding colorful ankle socks for an unexpected touch.


4) With a Slip Dress

Channel your inner Parisian fashionista and pair a chunky slip dress with colorful socks. Make a statement by wearing ankle socks in bright colors, or opt for men's colorful socks in more subdued tones if you're not into bold prints. Pair your outfit with an oversized blazer and pumps for a look that is as chic as it is comfortable.


5) With Wide-Leg Trousers

The hardest thing about styling socks with trousers is figuring out what color socks to wear. Sure, you could just wear black ankle socks, but that's not very imaginative! Try these tips for pairing your favorite wide-leg trousers with colorful men's socks.
1. Pair a dark pair of trousers with fun dressy rainbow striped ankle socks for a funky look. 2. If you want a more casual, laidback look, try wearing solid colored crew-length or over-the-calf socks. 3. You can always go bold by matching brightly colored or patterned mens ankle socks with your most formal suit pants and tie! 4.