Sock of the Month

Using socks with no show shoes can be both stylish and practical, but there are a few things you need to know before you buy. Read this sock of the month Philosockphy to find out what to look out for when choosing no show socks and how to take care of your socks to get the best wear possible out of them.

3 Common Myths About No-Show Socks

1) They’re easy to lose. While it is easier for socks to go missing when they are no show, there are many ways you can prevent them from disappearing without your knowledge. You can purchase special socks with an elastic band that prevents them from falling off or you can tuck your socks into your shoe. 2) They don’t provide as much cushioning as regular socks. This statement is not necessarily true. There are many types of no-show socks on the market today that offer cushioning just like regular pairs of socks do. 3) They only come in black or white colors. If you’re looking for colorful sock, then this statement isn’t accurate either!

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