Sock of the Month

How often do you run out of socks? When you are in the midst of doing laundry, do you realize you don’t have any clean socks left? You may not notice this very often, but it can be incredibly annoying when it happens. Now that there is an awesome subscription to solve this problem, you don’t ever have to run out of socks again! This">sock of the month subscription will send you exactly one pair of men’s socks every single month for as long as you keep the subscription active, so now all your sock needs will be handled efficiently and easily.

What happens when you never run out of socks?

What would life be like if you never needed a new pair of socks? When your sock drawer is always stocked with fresh, clean socks? How much time and money would you save by not having to buy socks ever again?

We have a solution for you! Introducing Philosockphy, a subscription service that sends brand new pairs of fun and funky socks right to your door every month. Whether you're into bright colors or practical styles, we have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get your own Philosockphy today!

How does it work?

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