Sock Monster Subscription: The Sock Of The Month Club For People Who Hate Doing Laundry


And so we come to the end of our little sock subscription series, and I couldn’t think of a better way to wrap it up than to tell you about Sock Monster Subscription. They are the sock of the month Club For People Who Hate Doing Laundry, and they’re pretty awesome. It works like this: You sign up for the sock monster subscription and you get a new pair of socks in the mail every month. Your old socks go in your laundry pile and eventually out of your house, never to be seen again.


Is there a sock monster?

The sock monster is a figment of your imagination, and it does not exist. The socks are just disappearing because you're so busy with life that you are neglecting the important things, like doing laundry. If the sock monster was real, would he want to live in dirty socks? No way! So make sure to set aside time for sorting clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer or washing machine. You'll feel better about yourself and enjoy wearing clean clothes!


How did this start?

When you find yourself with a pile of unwashed clothes, the last thing you want to do is put your dirty socks in with the rest of your laundry. That's when we came up with the idea for sock monster, a subscription service that delivers fun, colorful socks right to your door monthly. Designed specifically for people who hate doing laundry and want something new to spice up their day-to-day routine.
I think it’s important for men to have as many options as women when it comes to fashion and accessories. With sock monster, I hope more guys will be able to express themselves through their clothing because it’s okay not always be black jeans and white t-shirts all the time!


What can you do with all these socks?

The sock monster is here to solve all your laundry woes. Subscribe to the monthly sock of the month club and get a new pair of colorful socks delivered to your doorstep every month. With a subscription you'll never have to worry about finding matching socks again - they'll be waiting for you in the mail. Plus, there's something fun about getting new socks every month!


How is it made?

The sock monster is a subscription service for people who hate doing laundry. Each month you'll receive a pair of colorful socks, which are great for work or play. Our socks are made from high quality materials and fit very comfortably to avoid blisters and sweaty feet.
You can choose from three different categories of socks; ankle, crew, and dress. Our ankle length socks come in many styles such as funky stripes, fun patterns, bright colors, and crazy colors! Our crew socks are perfect for those not quite ready to wear dress shoes but still want to look put together. And our dress sock range offers the height you need in your formal attire while keeping your feet comfortable with soft cotton blend fibers that don't itch or irritate like wool does.


Are they really worth the cost?

If you spend more than five minutes looking for your socks in the dryer after doing laundry, then these are worth it. If you're a person who hates doing laundry, this is perfect for you. These are the best socks subscription and sock of the month club because they send out socks to your house so you don't have to do anything but put them on! Having fun dress or crazy color dress socks will make any outfit more stylish and fun. cool mens socks are a great gift idea as well- from funky crew socks to cool mens ankle socks, there's something for everyone. If you're still not convinced about sock monster subscription, just check out all the different colors of men's colorful ankle socks!