Sock It to Me: The Philosockphy of the Sock of the Month Club

Sock It to Me: The Philosockphy of the sock of the month Club

Why the hell would anyone want to subscribe to a sock of the month club? That’s what I was thinking when my boss pitched the idea at our last staff meeting. And while I can appreciate the hipster appeal of novelty socks, I was skeptical that anyone would actually care about receiving multiple pairs per month – let alone be willing to shell out money for it every single month!

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When They Are Appropriate

Mens socks with different colors are a great gift idea for those who want to add some life and personality into their outfits. Wearing funky socks is a great way to express your personality and style without having to show off any other part of your body. You can also buy really cute ankle socks if you are looking for a more subtle look, as these will cover up your feet but still be dressy enough that it's not just about your feet. Mens colorful socks also make fun gifts for men, especially if they like wearing funky clothes or have an obsession with socks in general. If you are looking for the best sock subscription, we recommend getting one from Philosocks!

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When They Aren’t

The best sock of the month club is not always purple. In fact, some are pink and neon green! This is a great way to get a new fun pair of socks in the mail each month that are perfect for men and women alike. Plus, you can get socks for men or cool mens socks that are colorful or have a crazy color dress design. The most important part is getting your monthly package delivered right on time with no delays!


Step One: Pick a Style

The first thing you need to do when you're signing up for a sock of the month club is figure out what style your socks should be. There are many different styles, but you will want something that fits with your personality. For example, if you're into wild colors and patterns, then go for crazy color dress socks or funky cool socks. If not, then maybe best crew socks or awesome socks club will better suit your needs.


Step Two: Know Your Options

1. Mens Purple ankle socks - If you're looking for a brightly colored sock, the mens purple ankle socks are a great choice. These socks feature a fun pattern and many reviewers say they're soft and stretchy.
2. Mens Colored ankle socks - If you're looking for a more muted color, this is your best option. These socks come in navy blue, burgundy, grey, red and khaki green, giving them an elegant look that's perfect for any occasion.
3. Mens ankle socks - If you want socks that are specifically designed to stay up on your calf or knee while maintaining their shape during wear, these are your best option.


Step Three: Consider Features

1. Mens Colored Socks
2. Fun Men's ankle socks
3. fun dress socks
4. cool socks for men

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Step Four: Choose Colors and Patterns

If you're looking for a fun way to add some color and personality to your wardrobe, sock it to me with a monthly sock club! Choose from our wide selection of colorful socks for men. Our signature combination is a mens colorful socks in a different pattern each month. Whether you're feeling cheery polka dots, sporty stripes, or classic solids and textures, we've got something for everyone! If you're looking for more personalized gift socks, don't forget that we offer fun socks for men as well. These come in bright colors and unique patterns like camouflage or plaid.

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Step Five: Buy Something You Won’t Regret

The best part about Mens Coloured Socks of the Month is that they are not just a novelty item. They are fashionable, practical, and a super-fun gift for men. Plus, you can change your sock game without having to buy an expensive wardrobe. And at $10 per month, these socks are an affordable luxury.