Sock it to Me: The Best Socks Subscriptions and Sock of the Month Clubs

Sock it to Me: The Best socks subscriptions and sock of the month Clubs

You’re probably thinking, Seriously? Another sock subscription review? Haven’t these been done to death by now? But have you ever wondered which ones are worth it? Which are the best sock subscriptions and sock of the month clubs? Which ones will bring you the most joy when they show up at your door on the first of every month? Join us as we review the best sock subscriptions and share our thoughts on what makes a great pair of socks! Let’s dive in!

What is a subscription box?

A subscription box is a service that sends its customers a product every month or every other month. There are boxes that deliver snacks, beauty supplies, toys, clothes, accessories—you name it. It works as follows: Customers purchase a recurring subscription with a box-delivery company (the price of which includes shipping), typically online or over the phone. When their subscription begins (monthly, bimonthly or quarterly), they receive an email with instructions on how to review their preferences for products and sizing.

Reviews of some popular subscription socks companies

If you don’t have time to shop, or if you just love socks (really who doesn’t?), a sock subscription is an easy way to get new pairs regularly. So, where can you find a great sock subscription? Here are our top three picks. Your feet will thank you!

Reviews of some popular sock gift boxes

There are tons of sock subscription boxes, but some popular ones include Men’s Uno Box, Sock Club for Her, Sock Madness!, and Ideeli. For a complete list of sock subscription boxes, check out our full guide. If you want to give socks as a gift (or get something for yourself), here are a few gift box ideas that will work for almost anyone: If he loves socks but keeps losing them, try... Men’s Uno Box - $29/month There is no better way to build up your sock collection than through a monthly delivery from Men’s Uno Box.