Sock it to Me! Five Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

By now, you probably have a tried-and-true method of folding your socks to keep them neat in your drawer. But maybe you’re looking for some creative ways to fold your socks that will impress friends and family the next time they visit your sock drawer. Here are five creative ways to fold your socks that take just a few minutes and will bring plenty of compliments.

The No Show

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This style of sock folding is a great way to keep your socks neat and tidy without having to fold them up individually. It's also perfect for men, who might not be as skilled in the art of folding socks as women are.

To do this, fold one sock in half with the toe of the sock meeting the heel on the outside edge. Then, put that inside-out sock inside another one so that they're turned out and look like a normal pair of socks. Wrap your arms around both ankles and pull down on both sides of both socks until you've created two small triangles at each end of each sock. Next, fold one triangle up over the other triangle and press them together so that your arms don't fall off from holding them in place.


A great way to fold socks is the Horseshoe method. You start with a pair of socks, matching them up at the toe. Take one sock and fold it over the other so that it meets in the middle. Flip that sock and fold it back over, creating a horseshoe shape.

Monkey Fist

The Monkey Fist is a pretty nifty trick that will help you get creative with your mens socks and give your sock drawer a much needed style update. A Monkey Fist is just what it sounds like: a sock tied in the middle. To do this, place the heel of one sock inside the other so that there's about two inches of fabric on each side. Then, tie them together in a knot that resembles a fist. You can either leave one as is for an easy and quick way to fold up your socks or cut off the excess fabric for cleaner lines when stacking them in your drawer.


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