Sock It to Me: A Sock Subscription for the Bold and Fashionable


What do socks have to do with fashion? Many guys wear the same old socks month after month without realizing that their uninspiring, mismatched pair may be making them look less put-together than they really are.">sock subscription services like Sock It to Me make it easy to up your sock game and feel confident in any situation whether it’s hanging out with friends or working at your desk all day. If you’re ready to step up your style game, check out these five reasons why you need a">sock subscription and subscribe to Sock It to Me today!

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My experience with socks of the month

I was tired of buying the same old socks at my local store, so I decided to try out Philosockphy. What is better than getting a package of awesome new socks each month? The first time I got my socks from Philosockphy, I was delighted with how bright and fun they were! They were also all different styles, which was nice. From what I can tell so far, Philosocksy seems like a really great">sock subscription service that is perfect for someone who likes variety in their clothing. There are lots of different kinds of socks available on their website- everything from formal dress socks to crazy color dress socks. Plus, the price is right! With this service you can get 12 pairs of awesome colorful socks for only $10 per month.

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3 Ways a">sock subscription can be fun

1) Fun socks are a great way to show off your personality. With a">sock subscription, you can have fun socks with patterns, colors, or styles that you don't always find in stores.
2) Socks are also a nice gift - especially when they're sent as part of a monthly">sock subscription. We love gift ideas that are thoughtful but won't break the bank, and this is perfect!
3) If you're looking for a fun present to give someone who has everything or if you want something on your list without spending too much money, then choose socks! These mens ankle socks are an affordable gift idea that anyone would love.


What I loved most about my">sock subscription

I love getting an awesome package in the mail every month with new, fun socks. I also love getting a surprise gift in my">sock of the month club box, which is especially nice when you're having a rough day. I never knew that socks could be so much fun!


My advice if you want to try socks of the month

If you're looking for a fun, funky way to dress up your feet, then look no further! Sign up now with socks of the month and get some of the best socks around. With a variety of colors, patterns, styles, lengths and types there is something for everyone. Mens purple ankle socks are perfect if you want something that pairs well with formal outfits or even just jeans and sneakers. If you have more of a casual lifestyle then mens colorful socks will be perfect for you. They come in all sorts of great colors like reds, oranges, blues, purples and yellows which are always a nice addition to any outfit.