Sock it to Me! 8 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to a Sock of the Month Subscription

Sock it to Me! 8 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to a sock of the month Subscription

The sock of the month club can be one of the best things you subscribe to if you’re looking to treat yourself and your feet to some of the most comfortable and durable socks money can buy. With new, unique socks coming to your door every month, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of socks again! If you need more reasons to join a sock of the month club, here are 8 great ones to consider.


#1: You’ll receive a new pair of socks every month

For just $5.99/month, you'll receive a new pair of socks every month. This is perfect for those who love fun socks and cool mens socks, or even crazy color dress socks that are hard to find in stores. If you're not into colored socks or have everything you need, your sock subscription will also come with an assortment of other types and styles of men's ankle socks as well as gift socks if needed!


#2: Shipping is included in your subscription

Shipping is included in your subscription, so once you order and pay for your first month, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your socks to arrive. The company sends out one pair every month, which means that you'll always have a fresh new pair of socks waiting on you at home without having to worry about ordering or paying extra. Plus, if there's any shipping issues or delays with the sock delivery service, they take care of them without any additional cost.
#3: Choose from a variety of designs (five sentences)]
Since they offer subscriptions for men only, women only or both genders, there's really no excuse not to sign up.


#3: Quality, unique socks are delivered right to your door

The best sock subscription sites provide high quality, unique socks that are delivered right to your door. What's not to love?


#4: Offers discounts on future purchases

You can also get discounts on future purchases when you subscribe. Simply sign up for three or six months, and you'll receive 10% off your next order. If you're looking for a way to save money in the long-run, this is an excellent option. Plus, new members receive a free pair of socks with their first purchase as part of their membership--talk about instant gratification!


#5: The designs and styles will be fresh and fun each month

A sock of the month club is a fun way to mix up your socks drawer without having to make an expensive purchase. Plus, you'll be getting some fresh new designs each month that are chosen based off your preferences. There's no better way to make sure you're always in style than by subscribing. And, each month we'll send you pairs of socks in vibrant colors and funky prints that are sure to spice up your wardrobe.
If you're looking for some colorful socks for men or cool socks for men, then look no further.


#6: Convenient access from home

You can also set up your subscription to be automatically shipped out at a predetermined time. This way, you never have to worry about remembering when your next sock shipment is due. Most subscriptions even come with an option for you to skip months in order (or skip all together) if you're going on vacation or just don't need any more socks for awhile. With some companies, you can even sign up for just one month - which is perfect if you want to try out a new pair of socks before committing.


#7: Great gift idea for any occasion

A sock of the month subscription is an awesome gift idea for any occasion. It's perfect for those hard-to-shop-for relatives and friends because they'll get something they actually want every month. Plus, it's a great way to treat yourself or show someone else how much you care about them. And with so many colors and styles available, you're sure to find one that fits your personality.


#8: Monthly subscriptions can help save time shopping for Christmas presents, birthdays and other holidays throughout the year.

Planning ahead for your loved ones is always best. Shopping for presents can be time-consuming and expensive, so why not let someone else do the work? We offer a sock subscription that will send you quality socks throughout the year, at different lengths and styles. This way you don't have to worry about whether or not they'll like what you pick out, because we've done all the work for you - just let us know who it's for!