Sock it to Me! 8 Reasons Why a Sock of the Month Subscription is the Best Idea Ever

Sock it to Me! 8 Reasons Why a sock of the month Subscription is the Best Idea Ever

A sock subscription, or sock of the month, is an incredibly fun way to treat yourself month after month. They’re great for any occasion, and when you subscribe, you’ll receive not just one but several brand new pairs of socks every single month to keep you looking fashionable and feeling comfortable. That said, there are many reasons why you should be a sock of the month subscriber! Here are just 8 of them!

1) Think about what you're doing with old socks

I love wearing socks but when I find one that's got holes in them, I don't know what to do with it. It seems so wasteful just to throw them away, so I started saving them for my kids. But then they grow out of the socks and want their own, so now we have too many socks and nowhere to put them. That's why this month I'm getting myself a sock subscription box and never having to worry about old socks again.

1) Saving money - If you buy your own socks at full price, you'll spend more than if you use a sock subscription service like Sock It To Me which sends out unique pairs every month at an affordable price.

2) People love gifts

There's nothing better than receiving something in the mail that you weren't expecting. It could be an invitation, a birthday card, or even just a handwritten letter. Receiving gifts in the mail is always exciting and thoughtful, especially when they come from someone you love.

A sock of the month subscription can be one special gift that keeps on giving all year long. Your feet will thank you for it!

3) Support small businesses

A sock subscription service like Sock Panda provides you with socks that are not only colourful, but they're also ethically sourced and made from recycled materials. This means that when you subscribe, not only will you get a fresh pair of socks every month, but you'll be supporting small businesses who've already been doing their part for the environment.

Plus, if your favorite color gets discontinued by popular demand (or runs out!), we'll substitute it for another color in our inventory. So even if your favorite hue is no longer available, we have plenty more to choose from!

If you love wearing new socks every day and want to help save the environment at the same time, this is definitely something worth considering.

4) Your feet will thank you

You might think, So what? I just need socks. Yes, but you don't just need any ol' socks. You need colorful, comfortable and cute socks. And when you subscribe to a sock subscription, you'll get all that plus more in one monthly delivery. In fact, here are eight reasons why subscribing to a sock subscription will be the best decision ever:

1) No more worrying about running out of socks. 2) For less than $10 per month (plus shipping), you'll get two pairs of new fun and stylish socks delivered straight to your door.

5) Show off your personality

Why should you sign up for a sock of the month subscription? Let me count them off for you. First, having socks that are always new and fresh can be super motivating. Second, they're colourful which is awesome because they make your feet happy. Third, they come in all different styles so there's something for everyone. Fourth, they're high quality and durable which means that you don't have to worry about them wearing out quickly or getting holes in them. Fifth, some come with fun little extras like temporary tattoos or flash tattoos so that you can get creative on your feet (I'm thinking bright blue butterflies). Sixth, I love giving presents and what better present than one that makes people happy when they open it?

6) A sock subscription is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get!

A sock subscription is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get! With so many different styles and designs, everyone will find something they love in their monthly delivery. Whether you're looking for bold colours, fun patterns, or hand-picked basics, there's something for everyone.

Plus with each new shipment comes the opportunity for adding new socks to your collection. Keep them together by style or wear them as crazy mismatched pairs that are uniquely yours - there's no wrong way to wear your socks.

7) Get free stuff!

A sock of the month subscription is a fun, affordable way to pamper yourself and make your feet happy. With so many colors and patterns available, you'll be spoiled for choice. Plus, you'll never have to worry about buying socks again.

Interested in getting your own? Here's how

8) Share the joy with friends and family

Treat your feet and yourself this holiday season by subscribing to a sock of the month subscription. It's an easy way to show someone you care, and get something that is both fun and practical.

1) It's fun! What better way to brighten up someone's day than with colourful socks? 2) They're practical. There are some really cool designs out there that make great gifts, but they might not be practical for every day wear. 3) It's thoughtful. Who doesn't love getting mail? 4) You're giving back. For each pair purchased, one dollar goes towards providing new socks for youth in foster care 5) You can't go wrong with socks as a gift! 6) It comes with surprises!