Sock It to Me: 6 Sock Subscriptions to Add Some Spice to Your Drawer

Sock It to Me: 6 Sock Subscriptions to Add Some Spice to Your Drawer

A sock subscription box can be an excellent gift idea, especially if you know someone who’s picky about their socks or who likes to try new brands and types every month. But what kind of sock subscription box should you get? Do they all offer the same products? Which one has the best customer service? In this post, we’ll take a look at six of the top sock subscription boxes and determine whether they’re worth it for your giftee or if you should think about getting something else instead.

1) Leggings of Love

Leggings of Love was started with a vision of providing women in transition with a renewed sense of strength and purpose. Leggings of Love delivers top-quality leggings to homeless shelters, transitional housing programs, abused women’s shelters, medical facilities and community organizations that serve at-risk populations. Additionally, for every pair purchased online, another pair is donated to someone in need. The company donates millions of dollars in merchandise each year – all while bringing leggings wearers closer together by developing a stronger sense of community and kindness towards their fellow humans.

2) The Basis for Happiness

There’s a sock subscription box out there for everyone—from those who love neutrals, to those who wear bright colors, or even just funky designs. For example, if you don’t feel like being super picky and want socks that are going to go with just about everything in your closet, check out Philosockphy. They feature bold patterns and fun colors—just in case you're not quite ready for neon leopard socks (which might look great with a black dress). Even better? This brand offers worldwide shipping, so no matter where you live and which platform you use for online shopping, you can get your hands on these sweet new socks! Note that due to licensing restrictions, Philosophy may only ship within U.S.

3) My Favorite Things Club

For $20, you'll receive a pair of socks, underwear or pajamas each month for three months. If you'd like to continue receiving packages, there are two options. You can either choose your own socks (starting at $15/month) or let My Favorite Things surprise you with an eclectic assortment every season (starting at $30/month). The handpicked pairs will always be packaged with a love note and fun sticker, making these boxes feel personal and special. Plus, if you're not happy with what's inside—or have grown out of your current subscription—you can always exchange it for another item that tickles your fancy. One downside? There's no way to preview which items will show up in future shipments.

4) Yarn Crush Club

If you're looking for a luxury sock subscription box, look no further than Yarn Crush Club. Every month, they curate four luxurious pairs of socks from different brands and deliver them straight to your door. Each pair comes with an informational card detailing each brand and style. At $19 per month, it's a great way to try out new brands while also building your sock drawer.

5) SoSoxx

Sign up for a monthly box of different style and color socks. Each month you’ll receive two pairs of socks that are selected based on your preferences, or you can choose a style and let SoSoxx surprise you. If you’re not thrilled with what they send, just return it within 60 days and get a replacement pair. There are no commitments, but if you love your first two pairs, why not stick around? That’s all there is to it—delightful surprises in your mailbox each month. This is perfect for both men and women!

6) The Sock Drop

Just like wine, socks seem to get better with age. But if you're not careful, it can be easy for a once-impeccable collection of socks (and by extension, your feet) to become threadbare and unappealing over time. However, thanks to The Sock Drop , there's no need for sock enthusiasts or aspiring sock enthusiasts to despair over years of neglect. Using its own Philosockphy as a guide, The Sock Drop helps customers develop their own idiosyncratic sock selections and then delivers these curated pairs every month. This means that whether you want some mismatched options or prefer identical pairs that come in a box on your doorstep each month, you can look forward to finding new colors and fabrics throughout each season.