Sock It to Me: 5 Ways to Style Fun Socks with Any Outfit

Don’t get me wrong; I love socks as much as the next person, but I definitely don’t want to spend money on having them sent to me every month. If you feel the same way and are looking for cool, fun socks that won’t break the bank, check out these five ways to style fun socks with any outfit. From classic striped socks to super-cute animal designs, these fun pairings will take your sock drawer from boring to brilliantly bold!

1) Match your socks to your shoes

1. Match them to your shoes When pairing socks, the most important thing is making sure that they match. You want to make sure that you match the color of your sock, and if possible, match the style of your sock as well. For example, if you are wearing a dress shoe or a bootie shoe that has a close-fitting heel, it might be best to wear a tube sock or an ankle-length sock so you don't have any extra fabric bunching up around your shoe. If you're wearing a loafer or sandal with a chunky heel (or any other open-toe shoe), it's fine to show off some ankle while wearing patterned or chevron socks! 2.

2) Pair socks with a casual outfit

Society tends to dress up for work or for special occasions, but why not make everyday the occasion? Comfort is key, so wear something you don't mind getting dirty.

Top off your favorite jeans and a sweater with an adorable pair of socks from Philosockphy. They have a wide range of choices like argyle socks, polka dot socks, or striped socks that will easily match any outfit you're wearing. Add a dash of color by pairing navy blue argyle socks with black leggings and a red sweater. Or go for casual elegance by sporting black and white polka dot socks under brown trousers and an ivory top.

3) Wear socks for an outfit that pops

Everyone knows that socks are the best accessory, but they can be tricky. Here are five ways you can wear them to make a statement or add a pop of color, without having to do too much.

-Stick with one color for an all-matching look, like these pink ones from Philosockphy.

-Mix patterns and colors for a wild and fun look like these black and white striped socks from Philosockphy.

-Try wearing two different colors on each foot for an eclectic look, like these green and navy blue striped socks from Philosockphy.

-Pick one color for your heels and another for your toes for a funky fashion statement. These light grey ankle sock are the perfect example from Philosockphy.

4) Keep it simple for every day wear

To get the most out of your fun socks, try wearing them with a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt. This look is easy to put together and will still show off your personality. Another way you can style your socks is by pairing them with a dress or skirt. You can choose from any color sock you want, so there are no limits on what outfits you can wear! Lastly, consider wearing your favorite printed pair of socks under a pair of heels for a more sophisticated look. A good rule of thumb for this is keeping the rest of the outfit simple so that it doesn't distract from the colors in your shoes and socks.

5) Go bold and funky when going out at night

Mix up your look by wearing socks in a color that's different from your pants or skirt. If you're wearing black pants, throw on a pair of mismatched socks for a little pop! You can also use bright colors for daytime wear and save the fun ones for nighttime. And don't forget about embellishments—stretchy bows, fun patterns, and tassels all provide a little extra personality!