Sock it to Me! 5 Ways to Style Fun Socks with Any Outfit


How often do you give your socks a second thought? If it’s not every time you hop in and out of the shower or slip on your favorite pair of shoes, it’s probably not all that often! But, why should your sock drawers be left to gather dust and scratchy, too-tight pairs when they can actually add character to your wardrobe? Try these five styling tips to discover which sock combinations work best with your wardrobe and how you can make the most of your sock collection. After all, our Philosockophy motto rings true: Life’s too short to wear boring socks!


1) How To Wear Boots With Socks

A fun way to wear ankle socks is by pairing them up with your favorite boots. You can even layer the socks and make an extra statement by wearing two different colored pairs of socks. It's also a great idea to match the colors of your socks to that season's latest trend in order for you to be on trend. As another style tip, make sure not to wear too many pairs of ankle socks at once because this can be unflattering and too much going on around the feet area. Another idea is to show off your fun personality by wearing cool and fun socks and matching them up with an outfit or a sock friendly shoe like sneakers, loafers, or boat shoes.


2) How To Wear Closed Toe Shoes With Cool Socks

Wearing closed toe shoes is a great way to dress up your look and show off some of your awesome socks. For men, wearing high-cut shoes can be a fun way to show off some colorful fun socks. Some people might say that the higher cut shoe doesn't match the outfit, but if you're going for a more conservative look then we recommend sticking with something like black or brown closed toe dress shoes. If you're feeling a little daring and want to have an even better time showing off your socks, then try pairing them with some crazy color dress socks or cool ankle socks.


3) How To Wear Sneakers With Socks

Some people prefer wearing sneakers without socks, but for those of you who need a little more insulation in the winter months, we've compiled some tips on how to wear your sneakers with socks. Here are some easy ways to style your favorite kicks:
1. Your favorite basketball or tennis shoes can look dressed up when paired with dress socks. 2. If you're a fan of white sneakers and want that fresh summer vibe, try throwing on some fun colored ankle socks underneath them. 3. For those more traditional sneaker fans who like a more classic look, make sure to wear darker colored dress socks that match your shoes and have enough room so they don't show through the laces. 4.


4) Women's Fashion Sock Ideas

With sock subscription services becoming so popular, it's getting harder and harder to find cool socks for men. We've got you covered. Check out these styles from some of the best sock subscription services available and never be without a fresh pair again.


5) Men's Fashion Sock Ideas

Pairing your socks with your outfit is a great way to show off your personal style while keeping comfortable. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear fun socks:
1) Pairing novelty, colorful, or patterned dress socks with khaki pants and a button-down shirt is perfect for summer business casual wear. 2) Wear ankle socks for an easy summer day outfit – just keep your pant cuffs out of the way and you're good-to-go. 3) If you want an especially laid back look, a comfy pair of crew socks will do the trick. 4) For those looking for a more formal look, mens purple ankle socks are perfect for black dress pants and dress shoes.