Sock it to Me! 10 Styles from Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club

Sock it to Me! 10 Styles from Philosockphy's sock of the month Club

Growing up, wearing socks was just something you did – no thought put into it, really. It wasn’t until I joined Philosockphy’s sock of the month club that I realized there were plenty of ways to wear them (and none of them include slipping on any old pair). Now that I know about these 10 stylish ways to wear socks, I won’t be caught with boring socks in public again!

Outfit #1 - The Classic

For starters, there are no rules when it comes to socks and styling them. That said, a classic sock combo is a solid option for anyone looking for an easy way to wear socks. For this outfit, we used Caspian Crew Dress Socks in Sunset Strip (which are very soft and comfortable). The colors are subtle enough that they can be paired with any color shoe, but bold enough that they're still recognizable as being socks.

The next time you're getting dressed, try throwing on a pair of colorful dress socks or ankle socks with your shoes. If you're not sure which pair is right for you or what colors will look good together - our sock experts will help answer any questions you may have through live chat or email.

Outfit #2 - The Fashionista

For a more formal look, try pairing your socks with dress pants and a tie. For a statement accessory, add colorful dress socks or fun socks for men. To make this outfit more laid back, swap out your suit pants for jeans and your tie for an awesome scarf. For an even less serious look, wear knee-length shorts and flip flops with funky crew socks.

Outfit #3 - The Free Spirit

Philosockphy is starting a sock revolution and they've got you covered. With their monthly sock of the month club, they're making sure you always have fresh socks on deck. The Free Spirit is one of our favorite pairs in our latest shipment. These gray ankle socks are perfect for days when you're feeling rebellious and want to wear your clothes with style. They're designed with a loose weave fabric for maximum breathability, giving your feet room to breathe and preventing sweaty situations on those long summer days. Treat yourself today by signing up for Philosockphy's subscription service and get these awesome socks delivered straight to your door every month!

Outfit #4 - The Colorblock

The Colorblock is perfect for those who like their socks a little wild and want to stand out in a crowd. These colorful mens ankle socks will make you feel happy and upbeat, while keeping your feet warm on cold days. They're also great if you just want some cool socks for men that are comfortable and fun. Best gift idea? These funky colorful socks are great for all ages, so they're perfect if you need a birthday present or holiday stocking stuffer.

Outfit #5 - The Simple Pair

You can't go wrong with a classic. Whether you're wearing a suit or jeans, these socks will look great and feel good. You can't go wrong with a classic. Whether you're wearing a suit or jeans, these socks will look great and feel good. These socks are simple enough for any occasion because they'll never let you down. The colors are subtle enough for any occasion because they'll never let you down. These socks are so comfortable that your feet won't want to leave them behind when it's time to get dressed up and go out. They come in six different colors, but we prefer navy blue because we think it looks better with dark wash denim and charcoal gray suits.

Outfit #6 - The Cold Weather Look

Winter is coming and that means some days you'll need a little extra warmth. Pair your favorite pair of jeans or dress slacks with some big, warm socks, like these fun men's ankle socks. They're a great way to keep your feet warm as well as add that trendy look. Remember, you can also wear them with boots if you're heading out for a night on the town.

Outfit #7 - Vibrant Hues

First, grab some color. A vibrant purple sock is perfect for a sassy outfit with a feminine touch. Second Dress socks are excellent for adding some fun color to your outfit. The best socks subscription can make you feel like you're getting a gift every month with three pairs at different price points, so choose accordingly! Third, pair them with black shoes and you're ready to go!

Outfit #8 - Laid Back Sports Fan

Looking for a way to dress up your casual wardrobe? Add a splash of color with cool socks and some dress shoes. It will give you just enough oomph without going overboard. Pair these socks with some slacks or denim jeans, and then finish off your look with an unstructured blazer or cardigan.

1) I love these colors. 2) Do they shrink? 3) Do they make them in kids sizes? 4) They are perfect! 5) Will they stretch? 6) Are they expensive? 7) What size should I get?

Outfit #9 - Dressy Style

Choose a dressy outfit that you would wear with one of our fancy, yet fun colored socks. Here are some ideas:

- Tie your dressy outfit together with a matching pair of our mens purple ankle socks and some black dress shoes. This will make you look like you're wearing a complete suit without any pants. The colors on these socks will pop and make your outfit stand out among other men in the office.

- If you want to add some color into your more formal style, choose a pair of our mens colorful socks for men and put them on underneath your tailored suit pants. The colors will contrast nicely with the black material of your trousers and won't draw too much attention away from your shirt or tie.

Outfit #10 - Edgy Winter Cool

First, pair a rich, dark brown color with a lighter, off-white shade. This will create an edgy look that is perfect for winter. Next, put on some fun dress socks like these awesome ones that come in packs of three. Finally, if you're feeling more daring than usual and want to spice things up even more try wearing colorful ankle socks with your outfit. For example: why not try putting on some crazy color dress socks?