Sock it to Me: 10 Fancy Socks Subscription Services You Didn't Know Existed

Sock it to Me: 10 Fancy Socks Subscription Services You Didn't Know Existed

As the saying goes, you can’t put a price on happiness. And what’s better than getting excited about opening your mailbox to see what lovely socks surprise awaits you? If you’re not sure where to start looking, here are ten fancy socks subscription services that will take care of all your sock-related needs.

1) Bombas

These socks are not only stylish but come with a purpose, as Bombas donates a pair of socks for every purchase. Their socks are made with your comfort in mind and can help you keep cool in summer, warm in winter, and protect your feet from blisters during all seasons. They sell stylish no-show socks that are also perfect for wearing under your dress pants or professional attire. If you’re looking for cute ankle or knee-high socks to wear at work, consider their Women’s Classic Tab Collection or Women’s Stripe Collection .

2) Farm To Feet

San Francisco-based retailer Farm To Feet partners with sheep ranchers and farmers from across America to provide customers with high-quality socks at an affordable price. That being said, Farm To Feet is a little different than other sock subscriptions because they actually let you customize what kind of socks you’d like sent each month—with three levels of customization available. If you want just one type of sock, that’s fine, but if you prefer a more varied experience, you can even select which foot (left or right) gets your chosen kind(s) of socks. All subscriptions also include shipping within the U.S., so there’s really no reason not to sign up.

3) GranaBox

Made from high-quality Italian materials, GranaBox is like a monthly version of Uniqlo's collab with JW Anderson—though not as affordable. For $29/month, you can snag four pairs of basic socks (think grey and black) with cool detailing. The new socks are sent out each month at random so that subscribers always have something new and exciting in their sock drawer. GranaBox also donates one pair of new socks every month to homeless shelters around the US. If you're interested in fancy socks, but feel like shelling out $29 isn't worth it, there are definitely cheaper alternatives; Dealfashion will give you two pairs for $6/month or one pair for $9/month.

4) Hems & Haws

Hems & Haws prides itself on quality socks and an equally high-quality customer experience. Hems & Haws doesn’t skimp on either category, and reviewers are quick to point out that they can feel a difference in both categories. While some customers aren’t thrilled with shipping costs or have complaints about packaging, most have overwhelmingly positive reviews of their subscription boxes. For example, one happy customer wrote Best thing I've ever done! As someone who suffers from chronic foot pain (plantar fasciitis), these socks help relieve my pain in a way nothing else has before... All in all, I'm extremely happy with my subscriptions from Hem & Haws.

5) Harry's Trunk Club

The dapper young men of Harry's Trunk Club received subscription boxes filled with high-quality products handpicked by their expert stylists. The box includes five items, like socks, pocket squares and bracelets, that you'll look forward to wearing in rotation. Choose from two plans: tailored (starting at $29/month) or un-tailored (starting at $39/month). Both options include free shipping. Get your own trunk today! Philosockphy is a philosophy of life put forth by George Santayana which states those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. It refers for those who forget history will repeat themselves.

6) The League

The first time you buy socks from The League, you are asked to answer a few questions about your preferences. These answers—which include weight, material, and height preferences—are used as guidelines by The League’s founders when selecting future socks for subscribers. When users receive their first pair of socks (they choose one of three styles), they are asked how they like them and which style they prefer in order to fine-tune future sock selections. Customers can also give feedback on their experience through an app on their phone. This way, subscribers continue to be part of The League’s service delivery process instead of just being passive recipients of a subscription box each month.

7) Loomly Box

Untuckit might sound like a joke, but they’re very serious about selling high-quality dress shirts that look good untucked. In fact, their whole philosophy is based on that ideal. If you want your shirt to look good tucked in, then go elsewhere. However, if you want something that's designed for comfort and versatility, Untuckit is hard to beat. They offer both men's and women's shirts; I especially love their crisp collars and long sleeves—unlike some brands who don't seem to realize how difficult it can be (and how uncomfortable) when long sleeve shirts roll up your arm as you move around all day long at work or out with friends.

8) My Scentsy Buddy

Do you have a small child in your life that can never quite find his stuff? Fear not! Introducing My Scentsy Buddy, a new product from Scentsy that's sure to solve all of your organizational problems. My Scentsy Buddy is an adorable little friend who accompanies your child everywhere and organizes all their toys into one convenient place. It comes with its own special home, so kids can keep their buddy nearby at all times, but tuck him away when they're ready for bed. In addition, there are buddy packs for each collection of toys in colors and patterns that will appeal directly to kids' sense of style.

9) Not On The High Street - Handpicked Mens Gifts and Snacks

Not On The High Street doesn’t sell products that are found in stores, or even readily available on Amazon. Instead, their products come from small businesses around Europe. Some of these businesses make candles or trinkets for weddings and other events, while others make specialty desserts or local food items. Some of their suppliers go above and beyond, though. For example, one makes custom air fresheners out of fragrant natural oils—which you can then attach to your car's rearview mirror so you get a fresh whiff every time you get in your car. Each product on Not On The High Street is handpicked by people who know what they’re doing – another key difference between them and other gift sites like Etsy or eBay . Snack boxes? Also personalized!

10) Untuckit

The concept is simple. Each month, you’ll receive a box of three or four pairs of high-quality socks from hip and stylish brands like Outlier, Happy Socks, and Chubbies. There’s no need to choose your size or style either—the folks at Untuckit will do that for you (with just a hint of snark). Plus, each month’s box has a unique theme (like classic meets preppy) and is guaranteed to have no repeats; in other words, you won’t get tired of seeing any design twice. If you don’t care for the pair(s) in your box, feel free to exchange them. Shipping is included in each monthly subscription cost.