Sock Club's Sock of the Month: Five Ways to Fold Your Socks


In today’s post, we take a look at sock club’s sock of the month and some of the fun and interesting ways that you can fold your socks to keep them looking fresh and clean! We’ve compiled five easy-to-follow folding techniques so you’re always ready to tackle those socked-on-the-floor problems that no matter how often you try to avoid them occur from time to time.


The Basic

Folding socks is not always something we think about, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to organizing your sock drawer. This month at sock club, we're going to explore five great ways you can fold your socks. You'll be so glad you took the time! We'll even give you some tips for special circumstances like if your socks have holes in them or if you're dealing with a bulkier item that won't fit in the first four folds. Ready? Let's get started!


The Ears

There are countless ways to fold socks and we're here to show you five different methods. We don't want you to feel limited in your sock folding so we've got something for everyone. If you're looking for cool socks, check out our crazy color dress socks or Fun Men's ankle socks. If you like sleek and simple, the best crew socks will work great for you. Or if they're just plain old dress socks, then try out our gift socks! Be sure to give them all a shot when getting ready in the morning so that come evening time, your sock game is on point.


The Frog

Frogs are always a great choice when it comes to socks. Frogs are cool, funky and fun! They're also quite versatile - you can wear your frog socks with dress shoes or sneakers. What's not to love? Our Frog of the Month is a perfect introduction to our sock club for men!


The Rose Bush

Zoey is a graduate from Cornell University with a degree in English. She has been working as an administrative assistant for a prestigious law firm for two years and is tired of not using her degree. After attending an entrepreneurship conference, she decides to start her own business.
First, Zoey does some research on what businesses are in demand and profitable (she turns up lots on retail), but after more consideration she decides that delivering roses is something she can do herself since it doesn't require much start-up capital or experience.
She decides that her business will be called The Rose Bush because roses are beautiful, they have positive symbolism, they smell good, and they're inexpensive--all great qualities for flowers!


The Snake

-Lay one pair on top of each other with both socks side by side. -Take one sock and hold it so that it is vertically aligned with its partner and starts at the bottom of their heel (or where you would like for them to start). -Pull both socks up towards their toes and then fold them in half again, keeping them together. You should now have two equal coils that are touching each other but not overlapping or twisted in any way.