Sock Club: The Sock Monster


Once upon a time, there was a sock monster who lived in your laundry room, ready to pounce on every single sock you own and devour them in one bite. Some socks just mysteriously vanish, never to be seen again... until now! Introducing sock club, the monthly sock of the month service that keeps your socks safe and sound at all times!


Here's How It Works

Let's face it, socks are easy to lose. They slip off while you're dressing or they get lost in the laundry. But what if we told you there was a way to make sure your socks never got lost? Introducing sock club! It's a monthly subscription service that sends you colorful socks each month. Your first box will come with two pairs of awesome ankle socks and an instruction card with information on how to sign up for our best sock of the month club. Sounds great right? Sign up today!


Why Is This Better Than a Regular Subscription?

What makes sock club different than a regular subscription is that they focus on men's socks. They have socks for every occasion and color preference, from dress socks to crazy color dress socks. They also offer gift subscriptions, including the option to send them as a gift for someone special in your life or to keep it for yourself. You can even design your own sock box, picking out everything from the colors you want to the type of content you want in it. With so many options and great customer service, sock club is the best sock subscription around!


Here's What They Look Like on

It's all in the details, and our socks have been designed to be your best accessory. We have a wide range of cool socks for men, from fun dress socks to awesome crew socks. Check out our full line of fun, colorful mens ankle socks and more.


Who Are These For?

The sock monster is a gift socks club for men. We send you new and fun socks every month. There's no need to sign up for a subscription, choose your frequency when you're checking out. We offer two options of monthly gifts: 3 pairs of brightly coloured socks, or 6 pairs of funky patterned socks.


Colors and Designs

We want you to be happy with the socks we send, so we will work with you to find out your favorite colors and designs. We have a lot of different color schemes and a variety of fun designs for all the different men in your life. If you're looking for purple ankle socks, check out our collection of mens purple ankle socks or colourful socks for men. If you're looking for cool mens socks, we have awesome crew socks club. You'll also find funky colorful ankle socks, as well as other great styles from some of our best brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma.


How Can I Get Involved?

We have a lot of colorful socks for men that are sure to get you excited. Have you always wanted to be a part of the sock club, but never knew how? Now is your chance! We are currently looking for sock lovers to test our socks and help us make them better. Fill out this form here to get started on the list!