Six Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You for That Sock of the Month Subscription

Six Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You for That sock of the month Subscription

The minute you start wearing those comfy socks, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get them sooner. They’re perfect to wear around the house or to wear on vacation, and they make an excellent gift for anyone who appreciates quality socks. Plus, with your sock of the month subscription, you’ll always have new styles and patterns arriving in the mail so that your feet never have to be bored! Here are six reasons your feet will thank you for that sock of the month subscription.

Because cool socks are Cool

Look at your feet. Do they look sad? Don’t leave your feet out in the cold with scratchy socks. Think about it, a sock subscription will bring happiness to both you and your feet. This is important because we know that people treat their feet better when they feel good about them! So slip on some cool socks and start enjoying life more!

Because They’re Fun

The holidays are almost here, and what could be more fun than receiving a sock subscription in your stocking? While socks may not be at the top of your list, they’re great gifts—and they can make you smile on a bad day. What’s not to love about that? For example, one sock subscription offers three pairs of very cool socks every month (yes, even in February), making it an unexpected delight to open. This sock company donates socks to people who need them through charitable programs—so you can feel good about giving a gift that helps others too!

Because, who doesn’t like getting mail?

Ok, I know that not all businesses can afford to send physical mail as part of their marketing strategy (and even if you could it might not be something that works with your target market). BUT, if you’re willing to take a risk on creating a sock-of-the-month club, consider including an addendum to their first month’s shipment saying they’ll be getting 1-2 additional shipments throughout the year. Who doesn’t like getting mail? Even better: Ordering from your business is fun because you get free socks in return. On top of that, sending out all those cool socks will help keep you organized; every time one of your clients wears one and posts about it on social media, add it to their file!

Because They Come In Cute Packaging

Many subscription services bring more than just socks to your doorstep. From handbags and jewelry to t-shirts and leggings, these packages often come with a branded box that’s filled with other items you can use all year long. Plus, they often come in cute packaging that makes gifting easy. With sock subscriptions, though, there’s always a great (and funny) card or note from the sender. If you don’t want to keep them all for yourself, there are lots of ways to donate or gift those extras that usually come along with a sock subscription service. Plus, if it seems like too much extra stuff for one person (even if you have family nearby), remember that sock of the month subscriptions also make great stocking stuffers!

Because Every Man Should Have a Signature Pair

A sock subscription is a great gift idea because everyone wears socks. Give a gift that keeps on giving and he’ll have a new pair of socks every month to add to his collection—even if he forgets to buy them himself. No matter how good at picking out socks your husband, dad, or son might be, having some variety added into his drawer is an extra perk. And it doesn’t even have to be Christmas or Father’s Day. You can also gift him a sock subscription for any other occasion as well like birthday or just because!

Because Some Are Really Wacky

Many sock-of-the-month clubs are curated by celebrities or TV personalities. So if you get bored with your regular white tube socks, you can look forward to some crazy patterned ones coming through your door every month. Or at least that’s what all those celebs would have you believe—the good news is that there really are a lot of sock-of-the-month clubs out there that aren’t celebrity endorsed, but still manage to send a wide variety of novelty socks straight to your door. It’s no wonder celebrities like ‘em—when it comes to fun patterns and crazy designs, an ongoing sock subscription means never having to wear boring socks again!