Show Off Your Strong Side with Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Subscription

Show Off Your Strong Side with Philosockphy's sock of the month Subscription

Matching socks are as important to your sock collection as the right shoes are to your shoe collection. That’s why Philosockphy, creator of stylish and comfortable clothing and accessories, has launched a sock of the month subscription service, the perfect way to ensure you always have fresh matching socks on hand no matter how much you wear them down! Read on to learn more about this exciting new service from Philosockphy and how it can enhance your sock collection!


Introducing Philosockphy

Philosockphy is an awesome socks club that sends you one pair of crazy socks every month. It's like your own personal pajama drawer for your feet! You'll get a different style and color every month, and they're all crazy, fun and colorful. So if you're looking for a way to spice up your sock drawer or brighten up your day (or just add something fun to do), this is it! It also makes a great gift idea for men or women who love getting in touch with their inner child.


The mission of Philosockphy

We're all about making sure you have a sock for every occasion and that your socks are always as colorful and fun as your outfit. We believe that when you look good, you feel good and so we want to help you find the perfect socks for any occasion. With our monthly subscription, we'll send you six pairs of crazy socks (or more depending on which level you subscribe to) in different styles and colors every month! You can get everything from fun dress socks to stylish men's purple ankle socks. No matter where life takes you, our crew has got your back with a sock for each day!


How the sock of the month subscription works

The sock club makes a great gift for any occasion! The basic plan is a sock subscription (monthly, bi-weekly or weekly) and each month you will receive a new pair of colorful socks. We have socks to fit every style and personality. There are crazy socks, ankle socks, fancy dress socks, fun ankle socks for men, cool mens ankle socks. So if you're looking for something that is truly special and unique then we have just what you need!


The benefits of subscribing

Fun, colorful socks for men? Yes please! We offer a sock of the month subscription service, where you can get a new pair of socks every month. Our sock club is perfect for those who are looking to add some spice and fun into their lives. But don't worry, we have socks that match any outfit or personality. cool mens socks? You know it! A gift for your dad, brother or friends? We've got you covered.
We offer crazy color dress socks in so many styles and designs! You'll be able to find something that matches your personality and taste. And if you're looking for something more traditional, we also have ankle socks and crew length socks available as well.


Why you'll love Philosockphy socks

The best way to show off your fun personality is by rocking awesome socks. Philosockphy has a sock of the month club that offers crazy ankle socks and colorful crew socks for both men and women. The best part is you can buy one month at a time so you can stop anytime you want. With their best crew sock subscription, you'll get a new pair delivered to your door every month so your feet will be happy all year round. Plus, if you want to give an awesome gift for any occasion, their crazy color dress socks make for an excellent present!