Should You Start a Sock of the Month Subscription?

Should You Start a sock of the month Subscription?

It’s no secret that sock of the month subscriptions are wildly popular with men – but if you look closely, you’ll notice that women love them too! Whether they’re being given as a gift or they’re treating themselves, women are signing up to get brand new socks delivered right to their door each month. But what makes these sock of the month subscription services so great?


Perhaps one day, we'll all create our own socks and shoes in home-based sock factories. In such a society, sock subscriptions will be inevitable—or so I thought as I learned about Philosophy's new monthly subscription service. With Philosophy's brand philosophy firmly rooted in offering products that lead to uncompromising comfort, happiness and beauty, it doesn't take much philosophical reasoning to imagine why they decided to launch their very own sock subscription service called, creatively enough, 'Philosophy Socks of The Month Club'. Signing up is pretty simple; you choose your plan (shipping every other month or every month), pick out your initial three pairs and are charged right away at $15 per pair (free shipping). There is no contract; you can cancel at any time.


We wear them every day, but how many different pairs do you own? I would venture to guess not many. Unless you are some sort of sock connoisseur, socks usually get thrown away after wearing them a few times (and even then they might get relegated to an inside-the-closet hidden stash). With that in mind, why not buy socks with your subscription box and make sure your favorite parts are always covered in comfort and style?

Men's Styles

In the past, you could purchase socks in one of two ways: either by style (dress socks, athletic socks, etc.) or by brand. But recently sock subscription services have begun to dominate men’s clothing markets; they provide customers with both styles and brands. With these subscriptions it’s not necessary to search high and low for unique socks that match your personality and preferences; simply choose your favorite type—dressy, casual, sporty—and let someone else do all of your shopping for you.

Women's Styles

Women have different reasons for starting sock of the month subscriptions. Some women love socks, but have a hard time finding cute pairs in their size that don't cost an arm and a leg. Some women just get tired of buying socks all year long. Others want to go on sock shopping sprees with friends, or even make it an experience by getting together with other subscribers each month to exchange new pairs! Ultimately, it's about what you enjoy most - whether it's collecting socks, getting amazing socks for your feet, sharing fun experiences with friends, or any other reason! The important thing is to think about what you like and why you would want to start your own sock subscription. It'll keep things more interesting if you're passionate about it from day one!

Undershirts and Undersocks

Philosopher kings eschew socks and undershirts, but business leaders are all about accessories. Keep your feet warm with sock subscriptions. The first sock of every month comes as an added bonus when you buy a subscription to Ritm sock or other customized pairs, or if you want to let someone know they're special and thoughtful, give them their own recurring gifts with personalized pairs each month. Entrepreneurs spend most of their days at their desk. And many don't take socks off all day - so why not spruce up your collection in style and spice up your day at work by gifting yourself or someone else cool company socks that are fun to wear under shoes. Just think about how psyched you will be getting a gift from yourself every month.

Sports socks

Choosing your socks correctly can have a profound impact on your health. In fact, research shows that wearing high-quality sports socks helps to keep blisters and other foot ailments at bay. It’s worth investing in quality over quantity—and luckily for you, there are many online sock subscription services. Philosockphy is one such service that aims to deliver high-quality socks straight to your door each month. Their focus is on providing everything from basic to elegant, so customers can choose between many different types of socks depending on their interests and preferences. Overall, it’s an excellent way to ensure you get new socks without having to do any extra work!

Kids' Styles

One sock of each style and color is delivered to your door for every month for an entire year. Philosophy: Have you ever heard that clothes make a man? It's true. At Philosocks, we're proud of our socks and want others to be as well. We offer socks in multiple styles and colors so you can pick out a matching pair to go with everything in your closet. Our philosophy is simple - if you look good, you feel good! It's that simple!

Business-appropriate styles for everyday wear

Before you say But socks are boring, remember that not all socks are created equal. There are plenty of designs out there that bring something new to your sock drawer. If you sign up for a sock-of-the-month subscription, your monthly package is sure to include new colors and prints that will make people ask you where you got them. Because they’re so inexpensive, it won’t hurt your bank account if you don’t like what they included in your month’s box.

The Best All-Around Socks for your buck

The best socks for your buck come from Philosophers. Philosophers pride themselves on offering exceptional quality at an affordable price. The sock of the month subscription is perfect if you want to splurge with luxurious socks that feel good and look good. They also offer an amazing 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured that what you are getting is exactly what you were looking for! These socks are made from ultra-soft combed cotton that has been built to withstand wear and tear for years, so it will probably outlast other luxury sock brands.