Should You Join a Sock of the Month Club?

Should You Join a sock of the month Club?

You’ve probably heard of the monthly subscription box craze that has been going on lately. In addition to boxes of snacks, dog treats, and makeup, there are also boxes of socks being sent out every month – sock subscriptions! I recently had the opportunity to try out one of these sock subscriptions – The Philosockphy sock of the month Club - and was pleasantly surprised by how cute, comfy, and durable they were. To learn more about this subscription service, keep reading to see my sock of the month Club review!

The socks are comfy

First off, there’s nothing better than getting something in your mailbox that makes you happy, especially if it’s cute and comfy socks! I was extremely excited when my Philosockphy socks arrived. I placed my order on June 15th, and they arrived on July 6th (today), which is pretty fast for international shipping.

Shipping is included in the price

These socks are durable

You get to choose your style each month

Philosockphy has great customer service

These socks are some of my favorite gifts I've ever received