Should You Give Up Sex for a Sock Subscription?


If you love socks as much as I do, you might be wondering if it’s worth it to give up sex for a sock subscription service. Thankfully, I found the answer in one of my favorite blogs, The Sock Drawer, written by socks expert Jordan Ferney. While Ms. Ferney says it’s not necessary to give up sex entirely to enjoy a sock subscription (and therefore live a happier life), she makes some great points on why you should at least consider it.


The Pros of Going Sock-Subscribed

-Mens socks are great. They're comfortable and they come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and lengths. But what if you need more than one pair? What if you want to add some crazy color dress socks to your collection or get an awesome ankle sock subscription every month, like these cool mens socks or this colorful socks for men service that sends out a new, crazy color dress sock each month, or even this cool sock club that will send you the best crew socks every month? -If you're looking for the best mens sock subscription service then look no further! We have the best sock of the month club and other fun subscriptions like this crazy color dress socks service that sends out a new pair every month.


The Cons of Going Sock-Subscribed

Think about how often you buy new socks. If you’re like most men, it’s not very often. And when you do buy some new ones, they usually don’t last long before they get holes in them. They get dirty fast or they just plain old fall apart after a few washes. All of this means that buying socks at the store is an inconvenient task and it's something that many people put off as much as possible.


Is it worth giving up sex for cute socks?

The time, energy and money spent on buying socks is astronomical. If you're going to spend that much money on something you might as well get the best socks there are. The average person buys twelve pairs of socks in a year. That's about ninety-six dollars! Take your savings and put them towards a sock subscription like Bombas, who have some of the most comfortable socks around. They'll even send you new socks every month so that you'll never be without variety or quality. Bombas offer an awesome sock club where they will send you six pairs of their famous comfort-socks each month; two with every order! It's worth it to give up sex for cute socks.


It depends. What are your priorities?

It's a tough question to answer. Most people would say that sex is more important than socks, but let's be honest - you can't wear socks all the time. But some people might say that socks are more important because they're always in need of good socks and the color options for men are limited. However, when we reached out to our customers, many said that the sock subscription was perfect as it was something they could do with their partner and not feel like they were giving up too much intimacy.